The past few weeks have flown by like crazy. Everyday has been filled with some activity, whether I'm meeting up with a friend, visiting with family, or chilling' back blogging! Recently I've been in a mood to get my DIY on! Projects are something I love doing and I've always had a passion for anything artsy. Making things handmade is so much more special then store bought items, plus I love the fact that it was something I created and shaped! The one downfall to I struggle with for DIY projects is I never know exactly how it will turn out, or if I'll like it the same/more as just buying it at the store, but I'll realized that I have to completely ignore those factors that play out when making these projects. I have to just get up and start creating no matter what!

It's a bittersweet feeling that I have three weeks left of summer vacation, but I'm looking forward to this upcoming year. This summer was been amazing, and I've been able to complete a lot of goals that I set for myself these past few months. My social life has been way more active this summer than others,and I'm so thankful for that because without friends I become lonely and bored. Starting school back up again will be a drag because I'll have less free time, but I'll be glad to be back on a schedule!

Excited about: Starting school, and this time as a senior!! Believe it or not, but i actually enjoy school. I've always been an honored student, so it comes easier for me than others. Ending summer is always bittersweet, but its nice to be back on track with a weekly schedule. This year my classes are light, and a lot of my friends who I've know since I was a freshman will be joining me! It's an exciting time knowing its my last year in high school and I've already been working on some graduation plans! I'm excited to see what this year has in store for me.

Wanting to: Be more organized for this new school year! It seems like this is always on my list, but it never fully happens the way I'd like it to! I organize my books, and always make sure that my homework is in the right folder to turn it, but somehow my backpack overflows with random paper notes, and my binders are cluttered with tests. I hate feeling all over the place, and spacey when things aren't in place, so I'm determined to not let that happen to me again this year.

Dreaming of: Fall time. I know we have a few more months of summer left, but I cannot seem to stop daydreaming about the fall season. I've come to a conclusion that it's my favorite time of the year, mostly because of the warm bright colors, but also the fashion, and cold weather. I've been on the hunt for some new boots so I'm hoping that I'll find some just in time!

Looking for: A good tutorial or recipe for beach wavy hair. I love it when I'm down at the beach and my hair is curly and full of volume. I've been looking for a good product that would perfect this look I've oh so been craving for, but It seems harder than I thought. If you have any products that you use to get beachy waves, please share!!

Needing to: Get out and do some photo shoots! I love taking outfit photos here for the blog, and I think it's time I get one scheduled. For the new school season I went on a huge shopping spree, so I have plenty of outfits already lined up, now I just need to take time to get out and start shooting! 

Thankful for: My grandparents, and family. This summer I have been truly blessed by being able to spend time with both sets of my grandparents, my grandma, and great grandma! My family brings me so much joy, and I'm so grateful for their love and support through my life. It's not common for many grandparents to be active in their grand-kids life, and have a relationship with them, so I consider myself beyond blessed to not only be able to spend time with my sets of grandparents but also my great grandmother who is still alive!! I will always cherish the memories I have made with them this summer, because they were sweet and special.

Ready for: Some change to come my way! I believe some huge changes will come once I begin school in a few weeks, but I'm looking forward to the new schedule, and plans I have for the future. As a senior I'm hoping this year will be way different than my past high school years, and that I have fun with it! Change always frightens me, but in a way it seems more and more appealing to me. I'm longing for some new good changes that will spin my life in a new direction, whatever that may be!


  1. Love this! High five to being a senior, girly! Alex

  2. What I do to get beachy waves is just not comb my hair when I get out of the shower, and then scrunch it like mad and spray some salt spray in and voila!! :) Oh, and to get the volume, I tease my hair a little bit when its wet. Probably not a good idea, but that's what I do. :) Hope this helped!!!

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  4. I saw a tutorial on YouTube by Alisha Marie on 3 different hairstyles. One of them was beachy hairstyle. She made a side-braid and ran a flat-iron over the braid. Then when she undid her braid, it looked wavy. :)

  5. Omg! Is that amethyst? I love it!!

    Great blog!

  6. Sounds like life lately has been full and lovely!! Me too, so excited for fall + have been really in a DIY mood as well. Wishing you a beautiful weekend, sweets! xo

  7. Is that your pup!? She reminds me of my little Maltese Lexie, too cute!


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