I believe I have finally fallin' in love with floppy hats! I've always loved the style but I've never found one that looks flattering on me. Either their too large and floppy, or too small so then it doesn't look much like a floppy hat at all. My friend let me borrow this black floppy hat, and I'm so thankful she did. So now I'm on the hunt for a dark brown floppy hat, because I think it will be perfect for the fall time.

The summer fun has been winding down around here, and my summer vacation has finally come to an end! Ending summer is always bitter-sweet. Summer of 2014 has been one of my favorites yet! All the events I've been able to participate in, meet-ups with friends, weekends with family, coffee dates, a number of photo shoots, pool parties, lazy days at home, and every new adventure that has come my way, has made these past few months so memorable and they will be truly missed. Surprisingly my list of ideas for this summer has been more than completed! It feels good to end the summer with no regrets or wishes of something I should have done.

Officially a senior, like whattt? I've waited a long four years to hear myself say that I'm a senior, and I love it! It's nerve-racking and exciting all at the same time. My schedule this year is pretty light, although chemistry and geometry is going to kick my butt. I'm only a few days into it, and I can already feel the heavy load from those two subjects. It'll be interesting to see how I balance my school load and blog within these next few months! I'm hoping the weekends will be my saving grace for during the week posts, but yet again who knows how productive I'll be. Still being in school while being a blogger has it's benefits, but I envy the bloggers who are in their 20's, who have no school or "career job" to get in their way of their daily blogging routines!

                                                                       shorts/American Eagle :: shirt/Forever 21 :: purse/Urban                                                                                                          Outfitters :: cheetah sandals/Maui, Hawaii :: floppy hat/borrowed ::


  1. You look beautiful, Missy! Love the floppy hat on you- still keeping my eyes open for deals for you as well! Alex


    1. Thanks Alex! Yes I would love a brown one!!!

  2. Girl I just love you like so much!! I wish soo badly we could meet up somehow!!! :( Loovin this outfit of yours!! You rock floppy hats! I'm in love with floppy hats too, but I'm a little chicken to try them out. lol I also really love fedora hats, or whatever kind of hats those are. The kind Emma Stone wears a lot! lol


  3. https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTEGHcIRiZkIhdFfc1g3YgCHbdcwRssOAslz9IDlpq5HI49rsHC

    Like this one! :)

  4. love that hat!!



  5. Take it from me, ENJOY your last years of school while you can! I miss it all the time. College mainly, but high school was fun too :) And I'm with you on floppy hats, I recently started warming up to them. I bought a cute burgundy one from f21 mainly because it was only $10! Hopefully I have the guts to wear it when fall comes around, ha!

    Rachel Lately

  6. haha I love floppy hats too! congrats on being a senior too! :)

    Metallic Paws


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