What? Banana egg pancakes? Ha-ha, trust me they taste amazing! A few days ago I was watching some YouTube videos to gather some new ideas for some back to school breakfast and snacks, and this pancake recipe was one I knew I had to try. I recently had to go gluten-free because of health reasons, so these pancakes are perfect for us gluten free gals! Plus finding gluten free pancakes that taste just as good, makes me very happy, and is hard to find at times! I love having homemade buttermilk pancakes drown in syrup but the sugar gives me an instant headache and stomache, and it always seems to make me tired, so I never end up making them. But these banana egg pancakes don't call for any syrup, so they don't taste so rich and filling. At first I was hesitant about making these, because I'm not always a big fan about banana's but I was shocked about how good these pancakes tasted! I felt like I was eating an actual buttermilk pancake! These pancakes will definitely be included into my weekly breakfast ideas, especially when I return back to school.

Banana Egg Pancakes 
recipe slightly changed (Sorta Crunchy)
1 very ripe banana
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon used as a garnish
1 tsp powdered sugar

1. In a medium sized bowl, begin to mash up the banana. Make sure the banana is very ripe and almost "too done/ripe" so that it is easier to mash, and the smoother it will be for the batter. Now crack the two eggs in the bowl and mix it all together.

2. Now that is your batter, so start getting your pan ready. You can use pretty much anything you want so that the batter doesn't stick, canola oil, grape-seed oil, coconut oil, butter, or cooking spray, it really just depends on what you have in your pantry. I started off with using canola oil, but I found that butter worked better. Keep the heat on medium high, and wait to flip until the pancake is boiling on the edges. Cook until their golden brown.

3. Sprinkle the top of your pancakes with some cinnamon, and powered sugar. It doesn't matter how much you use, just depends on your preference. I also loved adding some fresh strawberries to give it a sweeter taste. You can also use blueberries, banana's, or raspberries. Now grab a fork, and eat up!


  1. i've made these before! SO good!


  2. Yummy!! And is that like a raspberry iced tea I spy? Alex

    1. No haha, It's actually cranberry juice! :)

  3. Finally a recipe where I actually have all the ingredients! It's decided, I'm making this.

    Daydream Frenzy

    1. Oh yes, that's why I loved this recipe, its simple and delicious!

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  5. Whoops sorry about that ^^ Ohh banana pancakes? I should make this soon! I love your blog and the variety of posts you post girl!

    Jen xx


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