I put together a quick little video sharing a few of my favorite gifts I received this Christmas! My family celebrations this holiday was so sweet and I loved it all. Hope you had a wonderful holiday as well. Be sure to watch this video and be it a big thumbs up! If your not subscribing I'd love it if you would, that way you can always watch future videos! Building this YouTube channel has been so much fun, and I look forward to it growing in 2015! Leave some video requests for the new year because I'm curious to see what you love watching on my channel!


  1. You are sooo stinking cute and gorgeous and I love hearing the voice to your face!!!! :D Also I wish we were friends in real life!!!! :( And fox socks?! I love foxes!!!!!! :) xoxo

    1. Oh thanks Amanda, thats one thing I love about YouTube, you can see a persons personality and voice instead of hiding behind the blog! Foxes are becoming my favorite i have to admit! haha. Oh I do too, blogger friends are so wonderful!! :)


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