Today I'm kickin' it off with my makeup routine/go-to daily beauty products! I love makeup (always have), and I could spend thousands of dollars if I stayed inside Sephora too long, haha. I began wearing makeup in eighth grade and I've been experimenting ever since. My style has definitely changed over the years, and have added more to my makeup routine, so it's safe to say that my collection has ALOT. My favorite product to purchase is eyeshadow and I believe I own over forty different kinds. So not an addiction...amirite? And one thing I've added to my collection is a brush holder, which is this cute mason jar dipped in gold glitter! I'm obsessed, I think it works perfectly in my room. I love the concept of having my brushes separate from my makeup bag! You can find this mason jar here!  Anyways, enough of my rambling...into my daily routine!!

EYE SHADOW PRIMER: I own so many of these little tubes, yet I've just recently discovered the great need/benefit from these little guys! Yes, eye shadow primer is something I now finally treasure, and always use first thing.

EYESHADOW TIME: Once my lids are good to go, I select my eyeshadow for the day. I tend to stay close to neutrals because I have brown eyes + naturally tan skin...but I'll reach for some pink shades as well. Here in these photos I'm displaying my palette from BareMinerals which I believe is like two years old, but I still enjoy it, and use it a lot. My favorite shades are; first class (which is the green one), and truffle (the gold one).

EYELINER: Eyeliner is one item I could never go without no matter how much time I had to spend on doing my makeup. It's the one beauty product that really makes me look awake and alert. I admit (as much as I hate it) I will step out for the day with only mascara and eyeliner on...and if it wasn't for my black maybelline gel liner, would I be in trouble! My gel liner certainly does the trick, so applying this above my top eyelashes definitely completes my look. I also love Urban Decay's gold glitter eye liner. I filmed a glitter liner tutorial on my YouTube so go check it out!

MASCARA: Now if you have watched my YouTube videos, you will have already heard this little story of how I feel about mascara in general...but if you haven't then let me tell you that finding a good mascara is so difficult for me, and sometimes just plain impossible. My lashes are so black that when I do wear mascara sometimes I feel like it doesn't make a difference. So I had to splurge and buy a non drug store brand. I purchased the Clinique black mascara along with the lengthening. volumizer. I'm so glad I discovered that bottle, because I have a feeling It will always be in my collection.

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  1. You are using gel now!? Isn't it the best? Alex



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