Learning Along The Way


Lately I've noticed a trend in the comment section of the blogosphere and social media, and even my own blog. You receive those comments that say "If only I wasn't an awful cook," "Oh I wish I could do that," "I'd love to try that out."

Here's the thing, you guys. You don't just create a blog and automatically become the most skilled photographer, or number one in fashion posts. When you were born you had to learn from the very beginning and teach yourself. Of course certain skills weren't developed from the start, it took practice and then more practice. The same goes for blogging. Blogging is a process of continual growth and new opportunities. You can do anything you want for there are no limits, you just have to do it.

Everyone is born with talent and natural gifts. Sure, talent gives those an advantage but it can only take you as far as your hard work does to get there. Practice and hard work is what makes people successful. As a blogger I didn't know anything about natural light, or using manual on my camera, I had to be taught. I had to figure it out on my own and learn for myself. I had to figure out what works best for me. Blogging doesn't come with a manual of instructions, therefore the sky is the limit. You can make anything happen if you want it bad enough.

I think that's the problem with our society today; we don't want it bad enough. Imagine what would happen if we stopped saying "Oh if only I could do that," or I'd love to do that." Sometimes fear of failure holds us back more than we realize. I know it does for me. Scared of people judging and rejecting, therefore our wishes and dreams are put on the backfire because we'd rather go without than suffer from embarrassment. But here's the thing. Through our mistakes, or the things we aren't gifted at we learn so much. We are able to grow from it and change dramatically. Practice only makes perfect. If we simply do not try, then how do we know that we suck? How do we know for sure we can't do it?

Let's not quit before we start. Don't put your goals and dreams on the backfire. Let yourself be bad at things. I think most of the time we don't see people's progress, but rather their immediate success and accomplishments. We can't see their practices, failed projects, or ruined pieces. A blogger isn't going to post a terrible outfit post with bad lighting, and horrible angles. Nor recipes that turned out awful. But through this post are a few photos to prove that even us bloggers mess up all the time, and are still learning. I believe there is great strength in weakness. These photos are of my room when I haven't touched it for days, french macaroons I couldn't perfect, and an outfit photo that turned out super bad because of the lighting.

These photos prove that I started out with no idea of what I was doing. Again, I had to figure it out, and compare my work with others to see where I needed improvement! I am constantly comparing my blog, photography skills, and writing with other bloggers, and I have to admit it discourages me all the time to sit down and begin blogging! Sometimes I feel like what I have to share isn't good enough, or worth sharing. I mean who is going to really read my stuff and be inspired by it? But honestly if I never opened my laptop and started jotting down by ideas on a blank white page...I would never have started a blog. Remember to not compare someone's process with your beginnings.

I encourage you to start a blog, etsy shop, youtube account, or photography even if your scared. I still can be embarrassed about people reading my blog, because I cannot see their reaction, nor know if they are ripping it apart. Whenever my friends tell me they watched my latest YouTube video, I cringe in my seat because of the fear of negative comments. One thing that keeps me going and that I have to remember whenever I put myself out there for others to see is; I blog, and make videos for my own enjoyment. If I love writing my thoughts down, or sharing my latest makeup routine than I cannot let anybody's opinions stop me from making it happen! 


  1. beautiful post! you have such a pretty blog! :)

    <3 CeCe

    check out my blog at celiaboldizar.blogspot.com

  2. Love Jenna!! Thanks for the encouragement:)

  3. This was such lovely post! You had an important message to tell and you wrote it well. Thanks! ♡

  4. This turned out to be such an awesome post- love!! Alex



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