don't know about you guys, but room decor is my favorite! One thing I love in my room is artwork on my walls. My room is beach theme, but I have started to create a little wall space for some more inspirational quotes. Calligraphy is an obsession of mine, and each art print I'm sharing today includes just that! I have 3 to show you, and each print is from a different company; all that I truly love, and would buy from again! Let's check it out!

The photo above is a print I ordered specifically for my graduation. It was my quote for senior year, and I loved the way it looked framed on my table. The gold foil is something I love, and even though it's trendy I don't know if I'll ever get tired of it!

This is my favorite quote of all time because it gives me so much encouragement! The gal behind this beautiful print is Jenny Highsmith from Maiedae. Her print shop is absolutely gorgeous and her handwriting is my favorite. I love the way it looks in my room and I'm so glad I purchased it.

The etsy shop where this print can be found is a real gem. I love her artwork and handwriting. She puts so much time into her shop and it shows! Her instagram is filled with beautiful inspiration of her work, and it's so bright and cheery.

p.s. I've been vlogging all the time these past be sure to check them out!! 

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