ummer walks are so peaceful! That is when it's like 6:00 a.m. in the morning here in So-Cal or otherwise you'll be dripping sweat within two miles! Lily loves her walks and this summer it's been my goal to take her out even more. My second goal is to featuring this cutie on the blog more. I love it when YouTuber's and even bloggers really make their pet apart of their daily vlogs, and posts. It's such a shame because I think I have maybe two posts on the blog with Lily, yet if you stalk my Instagram feed you'll see that's not the case there!

My summer so far has been so relaxing! To be honest, I haven't really done much of anything. After I came home from Hawaii, the only thing I've been doing is reading (like crazy), and hanging out with my bestie. I did manage to take a day trip to the beach and have lunch on the pier with my grandma, and I vlogged the whole day! Woo! Insert dancing girl emoji here. I love watching vlogs and even vlogging myself but gosh, it is hard to step out in public and ramble on about your day to a camera! I have one friend who keeps pushing me to start back up again, so watch out because she's going to be appearing in my next one!


  1. Love this post - these pics are so great! Alex

    Into the Woods

  2. Dear, you look so pretty! Love your little friend!

    visit me soon on

  3. Dogs are basically Internet gold. ;-)

    Lazy summer days are the best. Who needs more than a good book and a good friend to pass the time with?



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