Oh my goodness, my fall semester ends in 2 weeks! I'm more than half way done, and now I'm on countdown to my long one month break before I transition into my last semester at my community college! My life has been really good, and busy recently, so perfect timing for a "life update" post! I hope you've been enjoying my posts since I re-launched, because I love being on top of things here on the blog. 

This is my last "fall" type of post, and I am currently decorating my room for the Christmas holiday! I literally have no posts scheduled or planned until January - so if you have any suggestions I would be every so grateful. Perhaps a christmas decor post? 

My life has consisted of college. College is the topic in every conservation, web tab on my laptop, or essay prompt right now in my life! I am planning on moving out next fall (2017) to a University as a transfer student. I have decided on a major and minor, which makes the application process less stressful. So, I'm going full force and pursing my dream of becoming a family and marriage therapist with a minor in business! I couldn't be happier & I can honestly see myself as a therapist helping, and connecting broken homes, and lost people. I always love being there for my friends with their problems, and giving advice. Yes, being a therapist is more deeper than that, but that's what I'm so excited to face & experience. Learning about behavior and interpersonal emotions is my favorite thing to explore in school. I love the world of business, it's so professional and something I'll always be able to lean on, which is why I'm choosing it as my minor. 


I've sent out all my transcripts and finally hit the "summit" button for every application! Ahhhh, so here we go! I've applied to four beautiful Universities like Biola University, California Baptist University, The Master's College, and George Fox University! My top two are definitely Biola, and Cal Baptist. Right now, I'm waiting to see where I get accepted, and then make plans on visiting and meeting with counselors. I've visited Biola University four years back when I was a Junior in high school and I fell in love with the campus, and school pride! I'm still needing to book a tour at Cal Baptist, but that will come soon enough! First step, is getting accepted! I'll be keeping you guys updated, hopefully I'll know within about a few more weeks before I get my letters. So, now I will sit here impatiently waiting to hear back from Universities longing to hear "Jenna we want you." Have a wonderful week my friends!


  1. Transferring can be stressful, I've been there, but you will do amazing!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

    1. Yes it really can be, but I know it will be rewarding! Thanks girly.


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