I take relaxing pretty seriously, and over the years I have adapted a few rituals that I love. My surrounding mean a lot to me, and there are many items I keep by my bedside at all times. Since my room is now all winter wonderland with pops of red, hence the holiday edition, I thought I'd break out a YouTube inspired post - my weekend routine. 

I know we all are addicted to Netflix and chill (as they say), which I include at the bottom, but I try not to spend my complete down time in front of the screen. In this post, I share a few ways I make my cozy weekends more special and distinct from the rest of the week! 


You guys know how much I love my candles, and every season I always bring them out for every holiday. I've had this twisted peppermint candle from Bath & Body Works for over two years now, and I barely used it within that time (sad right?).


The first thing I did was decorate my entire room with Christmas decorations. The tree, fairy lights, snow globes, glittered pine cones, tiny Christmas trees, and the holiday scented candles. There are still a few things I wish I had more of, but it does the job, plus Target is sort of expensive when (like me) you are starting from scratch with everything Christmas. Simple touches that remind of the season, is all I need. Unlike fall, Christmas only lasts one month, so I'm sure next year I'll add more to my collection, like Christmas pillows!! You cannot go Target crazy in just one year right? (okay, maybe so - haha!). 


I tend to skip breakfast, and opt for snacks instead because let's be real, sleeping in is the real priority on the weekends. Because I cannot have coffee, or hot chocolate because of my chronic migraines, I pretend to be British, and drink tea instead.

Every Christmas my mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies from Nestle Tool House. Of course chocolate could not be left out of my cozy weekend! Any special treats you make for the holidays? I really would love to decorate some sugar cookies for the season, because we just picked up some adorable cookie cutters! Let's hope I manage to do that before Christmas ends haha.


Netflix of course had to be apart of this post at some point, considering it's what's on in the background (almost) every night while I blog, or check up on emails. There is so many things I watch on Netflix because I have yet purchased a DVD player, so everything I recommend to watch this holiday season, can be found on Netflix! You're welcome.

Some of these are Christmas, some are just awesome shows that released this holiday season; Fuller House season 2, The Crown, Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life, 12 Days of Christmas, and A Christmas Kiss. 


  1. Your blog is absolutely adorable... I LOVE this post! Perfect tips for being cozy this season.


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