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ewelry is my favorite way to dress up an outfit look. Over the years, I've finally found my go-to pieces that make me feel comfortable and cute. Growing up, I never thought I'd have a love for gold jewelry but boy was I wrong. Other than a wedding ring perhaps, you'll never see me in silver pieces.

You'll find that my pieces are dainty, gold, and simple. Much like my outfit choices, I enjoy my jewelry to look timeless. No matter the latest trends they will always seem to match beautifully. Layered necklaces or bangles are the pieces I reach for daily. Other than hoop earrings, I never seem to wear anything else. I'm also a lover of knuckle rings (mostly because my fingers aren't a size 6) so thanks to Forever 21 my collection now offers a variety.

Anyways, here are a few items + brands that I adore! What are your favorite pieces of jewelry?

1. Knuckle Rings // As I mentioned I buy them from Forever 21, because they are super cheap. I'm very self conscious of my hands and fingers, but if I throw on a few knuckle rings I'm good to go! Here are a few I really enjoy and recently picked up! { solitaire midi ring set, ornate midi ring set }

2. Alex & Ani Charm Bracelets // A new find has been the brand called Alex and Ani! Their pieces are so simple, yet fun! I love wearing bangles, (again big wrists) so for a long time I wouldn't find any that flattered my hands. Everything from Alex and Ani, though, fits wonderfully. I have so many items left on my wishlist. Take a peek at the one's I currently own. { thankful, rocker beaded, march birthstone }

3. Kingsley Necklace // I've talked on the blog before about my all time favorite jewelry brand, Miranda Frye, because her necklaces are so dainty and elegant. Her pieces are the most expensive pieces in my collection, however, they clean beautifully. I know I will have them in my collection forever, as they are excellent quality. The Kingsley necklace comes matching with a bracelet, and I love pairing both. Literally, all my necklaces are from this brand, so be sure to take a look at them all (unfortunately a lot aren't up on the site anymore, so here's what I could find)!! { Kingsley, arch necklace, Ashleigh }

4. Watches // I love wearing watches and layering them with my charm bangles or Kingsley bracelet. I'm super picky when it comes to watches, and literally have only found a few at Francesca's. They have the best selection, especially for a gal who loves the big face on a clock (their website also lacks watches similar to mine, but here's one that I have my eye on). { Vanessa classic minimal watch }

5. Gold Hoops // Again, earrings are always a second thought, but my one pair of gold hoops from Free People are my favorite. Anthropologie also has a few favorites that are on my wishlist, so I'll include those as well! { fine gauge hoop, spring surprise, slender hoops }


  1. I wish I could get on the knuckle ring train! They make my fingers feel like they are in straight jackets hahahah

  2. LOVE those gold bangles. You have such a pretty collection!

  3. I love the knuckle rings! Although I haven't purchase any yet... I need to though because I love how they look!!

  4. Knuckle rings are so cute! I have the smallest fingers so I don't think they would fit them. :(

    I usually wear my favorite Kate Spade watch and a dainty necklace plus my wedding/engagement rings. I do occasionally wear my Alex & Ani bracelets.

  5. You have so many pretty pieces! I love those rings!

    xx Chelsea

  6. I like Alex & Ani Charm Bracelets but I don't like the way they put their name on everything. It reminds me of Michael Kors. Thanks for sharing!


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