Confine Yourself To The Present


o you ever find it difficult to live in the present? Truly soaking in every moment of the day? I've been finding it to be a challenge. I tend to reminisce on the past or worry and plan for the future. This summer, though, I don't want to be guilty of this.

I am home from college now and my summer has been so relaxing. Yet, at the same time I've spent my time reflecting on things that aren't the most important for my time right now. When you have so much pilling up around you it's hard to put things in perspective. For myself, it's finalizing everything with my new university online.

During whatever season I find myself in requires adjustment. It can be exhausting learning a new routine or schedule. Come August all my courses will be online, and I'm already sensing a part of me not feeling ready for that change. Because once it comes, I'll need to learn how to be present in my everyday.

So, why not start now? I hate it when I can't relax while watching a tv show, doing chores, or reading a book outside without thinking of all the things I have to do later that week or even in a few months. Obviously productivity needs to be kicked into gear in order for a sense of 'staying present' can take over.

In order to stay present this sumner, I am going to incorporate a few new habits into my daily routine. I really want to keep a gratitude journal, spend more time outside reading or walking, dive into the Word, and surround myself with uplifting people.

What does your day look like? Do you have time to dream about the future or are you focusing on what lies before you right now?


  1. I have found that if I keep a notebook with all of my "to do" items in it at all times, and keep it in an accessible common area of the house, I feel a lot less stressed because it's all out of my head and on paper. The length of the list doesn't bother me - it bothers me more to not have it written down!

  2. Love this Jenna. I agree, it’s so important to live in the moment. Keep that journal of gratitude going. It’s such a blessing♥️

  3. When I was a camp counselor I used to tell this to my kids ALL THE TIME! It is human nature to want and wonder about what is next but if we do that only we miss out on the now and we miss out on the gifts we have been given in this season. We've got to trust that the Lord has us here for a reason and see the gifts. And trust He will take us next where we need to go when the time is right!

    1. So true Elizabeth!! I can grow during this time unlike any other :)

  4. Love this! Staying present is so important :)


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