Happy June | 12 Things


1. I cannot wait to go to Santa Barbara. State street looks so beautiful.

2. Thanks to Netflix, I finally saw Mama Mia! The soundtrack is incredible. I'm so excited for the second film to come out in theatre's in July.

3. My friend brought me back a keychain from Greece with my name in Greek, and now I seriously have the travel bug, haha.

4. I've been babysitting a lot lately. I love being able to have a little routine in my week. Plus the extra money doesn't hurt.

5. If you saw my Instagram stories a few weeks back, you would have seen me at Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour (I put them in my hightlights, under travel)! It was soooo good. My sister is a huge fan and so she dragged me with her. This album of her's isn't my cup of tea, but the concert was so much fun. Camila Cabello opened and Selena Gomez was her quest performer that night at the Rose Bowl.

6. It's officially hot here in So-Cal. I see many curly hair days in my future, because this gal isn't blow drying in the morning anymore.

7. I am in need of a pedicure. I'm waiting for our vacation and it's been loooong overdue.

8. Pinterest has been so fun for me! I went through and deleted soooo many pins and boards that aren't my style anymore. I had around 14,000 pins, and now I'm down to 3,000. I love the way my feed looks now though.

9. Snapple peach iced tea is now my new favorite drink.

10. I'm working on a bucket list (the one you saw here) and I'm pretty sure the only things I can write down is regarding travel destinations, haha. Top 5 spots...Paris, France / London, England / Dublin, Ireland / New York, USA / Positano, Italy

11. Health is something I'm wanting to be more serious about. A few people on Instagram (Missremiashten, and emmagracewicks) have been so inspirational for me. Their fitness routines and real talks are so helpful to hear. It's my turn next.

12. I need to start blogging more. Any suggestions of what you'd like to see around here? 


  1. I love peach iced tea too! So refreshing this time of year.
    I want to blog more often too but sometimes I feel like I'm not doing much worth blogging about, ha! I know I'm not the only one. Maybe share more about places you visit when you're out and about. It's easy to feel like our daily lives might be boring to others but you live in a beautiful place and it's such a dream for people who haven't been there!

    1. So true Emily!! I get stuck in this rut that my life isn't 'worth' sharing on Instagram or my blog. BUT, it's a place for me to be creative, which is the only thing that matters. Like you said, my experiences may seem inspiring for others!! :)

  2. 14,000 pins!!!! what!!!! I probably have that many too haha I have never gone through & cleaned it out!
    I have the travel bug ALL THE TIME! I can't even talk about traveling cause I get bitter that I'm not going anywhere! haha!

    1. Oh girl, I feel you!! It's hard to view other's travels online. I have a long list but with a short budget, haha.


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