Podcasts You Must Listen To


ately, podcasts have been my thing! A good episode to listen to while doing my makeup, cleaning my room, or driving helps me a lot. Music sometimes builds too many emotions, so instead of binging Netflix all day, a podcast is my solution to keeping my mind busy and inspired. Everything below is based upon lifestyle topics that many people can relate to. I love hearing about personal experiences from people I admire on social media, so you must give them a listen!

1. // The Art of Joy
A mother and daughter duo podcast is the sweetest thing I've found on a podcast. Tresa and Ashlee talk about their trials and struggles in life, making you feel not alone. I follow Ashlee on Instagram, (her little girl Poppy is adorable) and when she announced this new project, I was overjoyed. Her story is heartbreaking, but she talks about it in such a beautiful way. You must give this podcast a listen...and perhaps with tissues in hand!

2. // Sure, Babe 
I haven't listened to this podcast a ton, but this one particular feature with Arielle Vey (a gal I love on Instagram) is my favorite. She shares the process of her photography business and how she landed the perfect dream career. It's such an inspiring episode.

3. // Whine Down 
Country singer, Jana Kramer, has her own podcast now!! She talks a lot about her marriage and honestly I just love everything about this! It's neat to get to know someone who is so famous. This podcast is hosted by iHeartRadio, so I don't love the interviewer who asks her questions. But, I can deal with it because I love Jana.

Any podcasts you've been loving lately? Let me know below!! 


  1. What a great post! I'm just getting into podcasts so I'll have to add these to my must-listen list. Thanks for recommending!

    1. Oh that's great, I find podcasts the perfect way to learn new things :)

  2. Love this! I've been trying to get more into podcasts! This list is so helpful!

  3. I am always looking for new great podcasts to listen to! Thanks for sharing these!
    Mademoiselle Coconath


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