My Summer Hair Care


Summer hair care is no joke! It's the one time of the year I adore my hair curled to take photos next to flower bushes (like this one above), yet I hate the process of sweating in my room after a hot shower and heat via a blow dryer on your head for the next 10 minutes. For those of you who are in the south, than you'll understand this completely.

Anyways, here are a few tips I've been using. My hair has never been super long like most girls who have it mid-back length, but this length right now is really long for me. I have thin hair and growing up it's always taken forever to grow. Everything I've shared below has help my hair stay healthy, shinny, long, and even strong. I hope they help you too, especially for the summer time when you want to skip those morning styling sessions!

One // Use purple shampoo.
If you are a blonde like me, this makes such a difference! It protects and makes the color last, instead of rinsing out within the first couple of weeks.

Two // Skip the heat during the week.
Blow drying my hair is the worst in the summer. Being hot and sticky after my shower doesn't make me want to be under the hot dryer for another 10mins. So, skip the heat when you can. Only curl or blow dry your hair when you're going out for the night.

Three // Deep condition once a week.
My favorite conditioner is called K-Pak from Joico. It has strengthened my hair more than anything before. My hair is no longer weak or stringy. Now, my hair stylist says it is shiny and healthy!

Four // No hair ties for bed.
Split ends are bound to happen, but they are worse when I use tight hair ties for a cute up-do.

Five // Wash right after the pool.
Dirty lake water or the chlorine in pools are the worst for my blonde coloring. Just take care of your hair if you are constantly soaking in the summer water!

Six // Be careful with necklaces. 
I know this one seems weird, but whenever I wear necklaces all the time it can pull out my hair. I have to be careful, so I don't like to wear them unless I'm going out.


  1. Nice and Perfect looking outfit..

  2. I am aaaalll about a deep condition! Great tips :)
    P xx

  3. Blonde hair is already very thin and fragile and each year I promise myself I will take a better care of mine, but I end up doing nothing and looking like a witch each time I dry it. This year I don't blowdry (also have a problem with sweating profusely after hot shower in such high temperatures) and I also try to use some hair masks. Thanks for the tip about hairtie and a pool - good point!
    Ps. I just wanted to add I read your bio and I love hamburgers so much my heart aches ever since I'm trying to loose some weight.

  4. Ooh, I'd forgotten I'd promised myself I'd deep condition once a week! Thanks so much for the reminder. Your hair looks lovely and I adore the little gold bracelets :) x

  5. I'll try following these too. Great summer hair care, thank you!


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