Finding Your Style // Methods of Gathering Inspiration


Okay so now once you have looked at all the different styles, and you've selected one that fits you best...your probably wondering "now what?" You might be lost or don't know what to do next to finding your personal style, so here are a few tips on keeping your style "you" and to gather inspiration for your particular style when shopping.

♥ Use Pinterest. This site gives me so many ideas and helps me find exactly what I love. It keeps you up to date with all the styles, and it gives you ideas on how to put together some outfits. I love looking up fashion tips, and its helped me a lot with my overall style. What I'll do is create a board of everything I love and know I can buy at my favorite store, so when I'm out shopping I can pull it up on my phone, so I know exactly what I want to buy.

♥ Buy some fashion magazines. If your not one for Pinterest, buy some magazines to look for your certain style. Cut out every outfit or piece of clothing you love, keep them, and use them when your out shopping. I love this method because you can keep it forever. I love creating a binder full of images that I love, and make it more like a scrapbook. Of course if you don't have time for that (I rarely do) than you can just save the magazine and mark the pages you like.

♥ Shop online at your favorite stores. Pinterest can be frustrating since not all photos are linked to clothing stores, so therefore finding that same exact clothing item can be extremely difficult. But when looking online your able to see what items you can pick up at your local stores, and see what price range your certain look is.

♥ Select a favorite celebrity and copy their style. I do this all the time. I love Jennifer Anniston's style its very clean and classy. Taylor Swift also has some adorable casual dresses and tops that I just love! So once you have your celebrity girl, really study her style and examine how she wears certain pieces. Sometimes seeing pieces of clothing on never ending racks in stores and be overwhelming and not very helpful, therefore i love seeing what how stars put together their outfits. Of course you can do this with your favorite bloggers as well!


  1. I don't know if you've heard of this website, its called Wanelo. Its pretty much exactly like Pinterst but you can buy everything you see on there. :)

    Wonderful post!

  2. My style icon would be Selena Gomez and Emma Stone!!!! They're the best!


  3. Great post! I use Pinterest for gathering inspiration for about... hmm... EVERYTHING! I porbabaly use YouTubers fashion ideas a lot too... Bethany Mota and Stilababe09 :)

  4. I use pinterest all the time! Thanks for the tips


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