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Life has been busy lately! Second semester always seems to be the most craziest. No complaints though, being busy is better than being bored out of your mind. These past week I was able to meet up with a friend for coffee, and it was much needed! Being with friends always seem to cheer me up. Deep conversations over coffee are my favorites, and the timing was perfect.

Watching: American Idol. Ah this season has been so good, I absolutely love it. All the judges have been so nice and so much better than last year. For a while I was so over Idol, and into The Voice. But this year that has switched! I just love listening to everyone's voices, and everyone this year has so much talent! I have a feeling this season is going to be amazing.

Listening to: I have found a new artist I absolutely love, Josh Krajcik. His voice is absolutely beautiful. His music is very soft and relaxing. His album was classified as rock, but I really think its more pop/classic. A few years back he was on the X Factor, and he came in second to winning. Just the other day when I was online I saw his name pop up on the screen and I was so excited! My favorite song from his new album is Close Your Eyes.

Proud of: My accomplishments in school! I'm taking a few AP classes, and they have been really challenging this year. But I was able to complete my first semester with straight A's. It seems I never have a break when it comes to my homework and big projects, but thankfully I'm enjoying my classes this year. I'm just so glad that school hasn't been such a nightmare this year!
1. Emily and I hanging out / 2. my valentine nails / 3. valentine gifts from my mom / 4. cuddling with my lily / 5. V-day party with my girls / 6. shopping with my grandma / 7. cupcake date / 8. showed with love from my girls / 9. coffee date with Alex.

Excited about: My birthday! This March I'll turn 17. Kind of crazy to think about. Its just too close to 18! The older I get, the faster time seems to go by. I'm excited about turning 17, but a little scared with all that comes with turning a year older. I guess all the responsibilities and new challenges, but I am looking forward to all the new life changes with being 17!

Fearing: Driving! Ah, it scares me so much. It's actually really sad because I need to start driving soon. It scares me to think that if anything were to happen, I could be responsible for any crashes, or accidents. Knowing that by some stupid mistake I make, could harm another persons life! Plus the freeways here in Southern California is just awful. It's so busy and chaotic, you literally can't take your eyes off the road. I really want to start driving because I won't have to rely on anyone to take me places, and so I can have my own schedule but then apart of me just isn't ready! I'm giving myself some time to ease on into it, but I might have to speed up this process because I have a feeling it might take forever! But then again, I can just wait until I'm 18.

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  1. Driving? You got this girl! :) It's not that bad I believe in you! Straight A's is awesome. Way to go! :) My life has been busy too but it sounds like you are having fun! So glad :)

    1. Haha I know I got this....hopefully?! Thanks for stopping by, you are just the sweetest <3


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