Finding Your Style // What Works for your Body Type


When finding your style you may find that you like and even wear many styles. You probably don't just have one style, but a few. But if your like me, there are going to be styles that you just can't pull off. Whether it's because of your body type, or simply it just doesn't look good on you. Believe me, there are many reasons why certain styles don't work. Here are a few tips when shopping and knowing how to pick out certain outfits for your own personal style that fits your body type.

♥ Choose flattering patterns. For some people strips are their favorite but some stripped patterns are easier to pull off than others. So when searching for strips see which work better, vertical or horizontal strips. The same goes for polka dots. I love polka dots but the bigger the spots the more horrible it looks on me. So I always pick up tops that have tiny little polka dots all over.

♥ Wear solid colors. Sometimes depending on the style of the shirt, solid colors tend to slim the body, compared to busy patterns all over the shirt. Plus when wearing solid colors it makes it so much easier to arrange certain outfits.

♥ Don't buy tight clothing. Okay so we have all done it, bought a shirt even though we knew it was too tight but got it anyway because we loved it too much! Well I encourage you not to do that. Wait for the right clothing that fits perfectly. Depending on the type of clothing I will buy a bigger size (especially my pajamas) that way I can always wear it, and never have to get rid of it.

Pick out fitting jeans/shorts. This can be so important. I know everyone loves skinny jeans but sometimes you have to buy what looks good, instead of what's so popular. I love skinny jeans but they don't always look the best. So I buy lots of boyfriend jeans, capri's, and boot cut jeans. They fit the best and they are really in style right now. Remember be classy not trendy, because trendy styles fade much faster!


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