Lately I have been so pumped to create more fashion posts here on the blog! I think mainly it's because of the spring and sunny atmosphere but there's something to be said about documenting your life through photos! I'd have to say it's one major reason why I created A Beautiful Heart, and why I love blogging so much. I love looking back on my old styles and seeing how much I've changed. Or re-reading my bible study posts and remembering how I felt. And when I write my coffee talk posts, I feel like it's my way of journaling and spewing out my thoughts. A Beautiful Heart is a life-style blog with a few recipes, outfit shoots, and DIY's here and there but I finally feel like I've been able to be so much more personal here on my blog. 

I finally feel free to post and talk about many topic, instead of worrying about how others view me and my blog content. Recently I have been reading so many articles on how bloggers feel like they are "being judged" and that their blog is "only full of haters with negative comments." Thankfully I haven't had to deal with many negative comments or mean people in general. I just think it's so sad that people have nothing better to do than waste their time trying to ruin someone's self-esteem or even their opinions. As a blogging community we need to unite and encourage one another, not pull others down. The articles I read disgusted me but also made me even more grateful for the readers I have! 

shirt + turquoise necklace/Forever 21 : shorts/American Eagle : high heels/T.J.Maxx : layered necklaces/Miranda Fyre : purse/Tilly's : sunglasses/Charlotte Russe : photos by Hannah


  1. The colors of this outfit are amazing! and gosh, you are tan!!

  2. love the floral print :) the color you choose is cute

  3. Hey Adorable! Love this outfit- the floral is so pretty! Alex

  4. This is so pretty, but not only that, it looks really pretty on you!

  5. so cute! love those wedges!


  6. such a lovely summer look! super pretty in pink

  7. Just love this outfit, GIMME THAT BAG! And I agree, it is sad that people waste their time saying mean things online to others, nothing good comes of it.


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