utumn is my favorite season, and I'm so excited that it's here. For me, it's a time of rest, growth, and reflection. I so enjoy watching the change of colors in the trees, although here in Cali that most likely don't take place until November (if we are lucky). Now is the time when I can decorate my room for the occasion, which is currently filled with gold glitter jars, pumpkins, orange flowers, and my cozy throw placed across my bed. It's the perfect time, to be sipping' on some apple cinnamon tea, burin' my pumpkin candle, while catching up on my Netflix episodes! With that being said, I really want to enjoy the simplicity of the season, by exploring some local spots, and revisiting some old hobbies. I have created a list below of what I call my "fall bucket list," in hope that it will keep me accountable to actually complete these goals of mine! This post isn't suppose to be a one time mention, yet I hope I'll be able to keep you updated through some spotlight posts of my weekend days when I begin to cross these off my bucket list.

Go up to the Mountains: I've been, and shared it on the blog before, an old-time local love, Riley's Farm. It's beautiful in the fall season, because it's up in the mountains, which means apple picking, and the most gorgeous autumn leaves falling everywhere. They have a little village that has apple pie pastries, a petting zoo, and an open grass field perfect for picnics. I can't wait to go up one Saturday once it becomes a littler colder here in Cali.

Watch the Parade: During Thanksgiving I love watching the parade, however last year I barely paid attention (so sad). The parade always has celebrities perform, & this year, I'm not missing out.

Carmel Apples: This is my favorite fall treat, and Riley's Farm has the absolute best!

Go on a Hike: Nature walk/hike sounds wonderful with some fresh air, and a day that's overcast. For my college course, extra credit can be earned by taking a hike around Santa Rosa Plateau, so I know this one will be accomplished for sure.

Wear a Floppy Hat: I own one floppy hat, that I bought last year, yet I've never even wore it! This season I want to gain some confidence, and rock the floppy hat that I hope is still in style?!

Photo Shoot: Nothing says autumn like the fashion! Skinny jeans, scarfs, and leather jackets sums up my outfit pretty much everyday in October! When I go up to Riley's Farm, you can bet I'll be begging my sister to take some portrait photos for the blog.

Bake Pumpkin Bread: My mom makes the best pumpkin bread, and I can't wait to give the recipe a go myself this year. Hopefully it will end up on the blog, if it turns out well.

Warm Smokey Eye: I'm a total makeup junkie, and an eye look that focuses on warm tones is my favorite. The fall season is just the perfect excuse of being able to apply gold glitter, and buff up my crease with dark browns! I hope to create something like this.

Decorate a Pumpkin: Last year I skipped out on the carving/decorating pumpkin theme because time slipped away from me, and it was too late. This year, I want to decorate my pumpkin with some glitter, and of course document that here on ABH. Stay tuned.

Be Thankful: Every year I create a grateful list reminding myself of all my blessings no matter how big or small. It truly shifts my attitude, and helps me through my day.

Read A New Novel: There's this book I've been waiting to read by Francine Rivers, and this season is the best time to begin!


  1. I would love to do any of these fun activities with you, just let me know when you want a buddy:) or a photoshoot;)

  2. YES, this is the best time of year for getting cozy and pulling out a bucket list. Love all your suggestions and I've been doing lots of baking + going for walks. The best!! Happy weekend, girly! xo

    1. Oh thats so nice, I want to make banana bread!

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