eing productive has never been my forte. I've always struggled with time management, and still do to this day. It's a habit that is really hard to break. I hate it. Lately, I feel like my days consist of college classes, coffee house studying, daily errands, and cleaning my space up. Of course, my days aren't boring or useless, but that's life. Life happens. But, I don't want that to be my excuse anymore. I realize it's November, and almost saying goodbye to 2016, but I seriously do not want it to end, without tackling some of my new years resolutions. I hope that this post can motivate me, and keep my accountable for a few things I listed down below. I have so many things I need to complete, and desire to do more of (hence this post). So, it's time to get off my phone, and make more time for the things I love having/doing in my life! Who's with me?

ORGANIZATION: Oh my! I definitely need more of this in my life. When I'm organized everything feels right, like I can function properly and complete certain tasks without any stress. Yes, I believe my mom is responsible for this obsession of mine - always growing up in a clean and organized home, ha! It truly is a great routine to have though, so thanks mom!

READING: I miss reading for pure enjoyment - school textbooks are such a bore. Granted, I already read everyday for homework, so by the end of the day I'm exhausted. During last summer I read over three novels by Francine Rivers, and I absolutely loved spending hours on end laying on bed getting lost into the story. As soon as summer came to an end, I started a new novel and I've had plans to jump back into the story - definitely something I need to make more time for! It would be a great alternative to wind down, instead of becoming addicted to Netflix every night, right?

JOURNALING: I've been doing pretty good with this goal. However, I'm juggling a few different journals that I love filling out, it's just more time consuming when I'm needing to do each one daily. Right now I keep a personal diary about my life; Q&A journal from Anthropologie where you answer a question everyday of the year, for 5 years total; and lastly the 52 list journal which I featured on my blog!

DIY'S + CRAFTS: I have started this new DIY which I love, and it's bible journaling! I've created about four entry's, yet my goal is to make sure I never neglect this art I enjoy so much. If you want to know more about bible journaling check out Illustrated Faith blog to view some gorgeous pieces of art capturing the beauty of every word of scripture.

LOCAL LOVE: California is a beauty state, and I'm lucky to live an hour away from San Diego and LA. I would love to make more time for exploring around my fellow cities. These past months I've been able to check out the Spectrum in Irvine,  The Succulent Cafe, & The Bean, all which was a blast.


  1. I feel like my life is exactly how you described it! For me its classes and work and classes and work, over and over. Thankfully a new group started at my church recently and we've been trying to do something once a week together as a group and I've been loving making new friends that way! Its been a blessing and has been helping me change up my normal routine somewhat. :)

    1. Thats so great. I've been doing lots of crafting - even the littlest changes help throughout my week, getting me out of my routine. :)


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