t's no secret that I am fall's biggest fan! I come alive during this season mostly because it's a time when my weeks become more relaxing as daylight savings happens, I'm able to bundle up in cold weather, and delight in pumpkin treats!! For some reason it's like my whole world is able to take a moment and slow down.

Every year I put together a list of activities or moments I'd love to do during this season. My typical "fall" here in Southern California looks so different than for those in New York. Our leaves won't turn red until late November, if we're lucky! It doesn't snow here, so hunter boots are useless. Last year even a leather jacket became too warm!

So as I put this list together, I became very intentionally of how I have to view "fall." Nevertheless, I am so happy autumn is here, and I can't wait to start celebrating by crossing off my bucket list! What are some ways you want to engage in fall this year?

1. Throw a pumpkin carving party.
Pinterest has given me enough ideas for my pumpkin to last a lifetime, haha. Come October my hope is to throw a mini fall party with festive snacks and drinks, along with pumpkin crafting in my dorm with friends!

2. Fall photo-shoot. 
This can be said come every holiday or season for me! I've never done one at a pumpkin patch, so I'm hoping this will be my year!

3. Eat a caramel apple.
I didn't do this last year, and it was so sad, lol. Up at Riley's Farm they have the best, so a trip up there over the weekend is ideal.

4. DIY a halloween costume. 
Being at college I'm sure there will be some type of event, and I've heard it's a blast. So, I want to actually dress up something super fun, but simple!

5. Watch the sunset at the beach. 
I'd love to visit Crystal Cove here in Orange County and capture some beautiful sunset photos. Right now at Vanguard they are so beautiful, and I keep saying imagine the view at the beach!!! Curling up on the sand with a jacket is my type of beach visit!

6. Bake a fall treat. 
Baking something with my mom during this season is always so much fun. I love experimenting, and trying new recipes! This year I'm thinking either spice muffins, or a marble pumpkin loaf.

7. Decorate my dorm room. 
Simple decorations are a must. I picked up some string lights, and window decals and I already love the fall inspiration. Now I need my glitter pumpkins, cozy throw, decor banners, and a few fall scents for my dorm (since candles aren't allowed).


  1. I love fall; it's seriously my favorite time of the year.
    I definitely think you should make some spice muffins.

  2. um, love all of these, especially Carmel apples. Which I eat, all year round..... =)
    Also, that jacket looks great on you too!

  3. YES to eating a caramel apple, and I'm so jealous that the beach is on your list. DO IT!

  4. These all sound wonderful! I'd love to watch a sunset on a beach with caramel apple pie. :)

  5. These are such cute ideas! Wish I had been this creative when I was in college. I super love the idea that you are going on a road trip to go get a caramel apple. SO FUN! :)

  6. Fall is the best season of the year in my opinion! Usually we make a lot of fall treats like pumpkin bread and pumpkin spice cupcakes.


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