12.02.2017 Avila Beach Barn, CA

logging for six years has produced a lot of content and constant brainstorming. I still have so much to tackle when it comes to my dream photo shoot spots, and today's post was one of them. This green coat worked so perfectly for this gorgeous backdrop!! We visited our favorite spot at Avila Farm, which is full of local produce, candy, and bakery goods, along with animals to feed. It is truly so much fun to buy a few snacks and walk around especially this fall with the colored trees. 

When I drove in and saw their fresh Christmas trees lined up all over the property, I fell in love. It smelt like fresh pine all day. My family has stuck with a fake tree for years now so any chance of being around a real one that smells good is my favorite! 

This sums up the last scheduled posts from our Thanksgiving weekend trip up North! It was so much fun and nice to getaway from everything. I'm back at Vanguard now, but I only have two weeks left until my winter break. I'm officially on countdown now, haha!  

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  1. Christmas tree hunts are my favorite!! These photos turned out perfect, girl! Love your coat! xo


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