This year has been so rewarding, and it has left me more grateful than ever. It has been challenging in ways I never expected, however, it has changed me for the better. 

Looking back on 2017 was so much fun as everything has been documented here on the blog! It's amazing how much you can accomplish in just one year. So without further ado, here are my top five moments throughout my entire year, along with the top posts of everything throughout the blog below!! 

As always this is my favorite type of post to write up. This year I really explored some new topics, and I loved the response from you all!!

Here were the top three...


Photo styling will forever be my favorite part of blogging, and this year under the beauty category of the blog I can see this area shine the most.

Surprisingly I have a round up of around 6 posts for the year including hair, tutorials, and even makeup! So happy about this improvement you guys.

I am obsessed with traveling and this year I have explored some amazing places in California!! Every year since sophomore year in high school I have had the privilege of venturing to different places in the U.S. and this year I flew back to Virginia for the second time ever.

Back in the summer and during Thanksgiving weekend my family drove up to the Central Valley! Now I just simply wish we lived there, haha. The beaches there are crystal clear and beautiful with all it's cliffs and rocks.

Okay, here were the top posts everyone loved from my adventures this year...



Again I rocked at blogging in this category, haha. Can you tell my theme for 2017? I enjoyed blogging!! 

I had the opportunity to explore so many new coffee shops, share more about who I am, home decor tips, start a Sunday reading series, keep up with the book club, & post constant life lately's. 

So many outfits to chose from this year too! Yay! I put a lot of my outfits under the lifestyle category, but they count as both, haha! 

Here are my top 5...

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