I could not be more overjoyed and excited to share my news about the four universities I applied to. I got accepted to each one! Each college notified me at different times, and ways through mail packages, emails, and phone calls which made each result so special in it's own way. I've know for a little while about each one, but decided to keep it a secret on the blog until I received each acceptance letter + package in the mail to make everything more official when I took my photo to announce it on social media! 

I've honestly been waiting four years for this day to come to see where I could be accepted, and finally chose a University to further my education and earn my degree. I will most likely be double majoring in psychology, and either english or education, to pursue my dream of becoming a family and marriage therapist, while having a back up plan for teaching if I decide not to go that route, just to be on the safe side. Unless I work toward my Master's I can kiss a psych degree goodbye, because a simple BA degree really won't get me anywhere, which is why I think it's smart to have a second major.

I'm currently in the process and registering for each Universities preview spring days for transfer students, to experience the college before I make my decision, so February could not come soon enough! The plan is to live in the dorms/apartments, be apart of a choir, and finally have that University lifestyle I've so longed to have, however with college debt that all could very well change. Below are the four universities I got accepted to, and sharing with you how I feel about each one individually, to hopefully narrow down my choices with my never ending lists of pro's and con's to each one! 

          BIOLA UNIVERSITY           

My absolute dream college! I have visited this University in the past so I am a little biased, but nevertheless it has so many amazing features I'm looking for. Of course it has the be the most expensive of them all, but I also received the highest scholarship from Biola, but I'm hoping it evens out the cost, and that I'll be able to work it out. I cannot wait to re-visit this campus in April, because it has been four years since my original visit. At the moment this is the University I see myself at, and at times I immediately associate myself as a Biola student. Their professors, class structures, dorm rooms, location, cafeteria, and people is everything that drew me to this college. Did I mention this is my favorite?! #goeagles


This is the college I was able to visit in Oregon last February because my friend is currently a student. It's a great school, and the campus is absolutely beautiful. They have a few programs that are really neat, and something I'd love to be apart of. However, it is out of state and too far from my family. Even though it is a beautiful state, Oregon rains everyday, all day and to say I hate the rain is an understatement. For these reasons, I have already decided to rule out this college, because I just don't think it's the right lifestyle and fit for me.


CBU and Biola are definitely my top two choices. This college is the absolute closest one to my family. It's in Riverside which is an easy forty minute compute which is a plus if I ever would like to meet my mom for lunch during the week, or come home on the weekends. The campus of CBU is one of my favorites because it's lined with palm trees, and the building architecture is old California mission style. I really would love to be apart of a choir no matter which school I end up choosing, but CBU has one of the best choir around, next to Azusa University. There's a lot of great things about this college, but we'll see because Biola is still on the top of my list.  


The Master's College is in Santa Clarita, an area I love. It's definitely the most conservative and legalistic out of the bunch, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but still a fact I keep in the back of the mind. The campus is so unique and the one I probably love the most because it's surrounded in an old neighborhood tucked away down a quiet street, it's just simply amazing. The only problem with this university is the fact that they don't offer a lot of majors and minors to chose from, which makes it difficult to fall back on anything if I ended up changing my major in the future. The real bummer is that when I applied I was considering biology as a major, and not psychology. Instead of a psych major, it's a biblical studies major which doesn't match the same credentials a license family and marriage therapist needs. So unfortunately this college isn't one I'll be applying to.  Just wanted to see my chances of being accepted because they hold a very high standard for their students which I admire a lot.

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