1. Both of us recently darkened up our hair game. Although, I think I need to go back to my staple color, blonde. Alex on the other hand is killin' it with the black color.

2. For this shoot we set up our tripod to get some shots of us together, that weren't selfies! Our camera lens are fixed zooms, so the tripod ended up all the way in the street, oops!

3. We've been best friends since freshman year of high school, yet classmates since forth grade.

4. It was difficult to chose under 25 photos to post, because we ended up a total of 650 pictures from this shoot. Poor Alex had a lot of editing to do!

5. We haven't seen each other in over 4 months, because we are 2,645 miles apart for the majority of the year. Problems of having your best friend living in Virginia.

6. We both spent five days in Maui during our spring break of junior year with my grandparents, and we both desperately want to go back and explore Hana Road.

7. I'm this gals bridesmaid in June 2017. Can't wait!

8. This coffee shop is honestly the cutest one in town! Bonus; they allow us bloggers to go photography crazy.

9. Lifestyle is the direction we are both headed with our blogs, and we love the simplicity/dear diary vibe it brings.

10. I love exploring coffee shops with Alex because she's such a bold photographer & will do anything for a good shot. Like, making me walk in & out of the cafe just to catch that lifestyle photo, that I absolutely adore. Oh and yes, I grabbed a coffee stick, and mug warmer (that we didn't need) just so it looked like I needed something, because I tend to be on the shy side.

11. When we were in fourth grade, her nickname for me was pot roast. I suppose it was because it was the only food I'd pretended to make while playing house together haha.

12. Before we headed over to the Press Espresso, we spent over two hours at Starbucks chatting. So Alex had two cups of coffee, and I had two cups of tea. Hyped up on caffeine is an understatement.


  1. Literally did not even realize that I was on two cups of caffeine until you just mentioned that! So that would explain the headache....

    1. Oh no! Haha, one sip can do that to me! Miss you already <3

  2. This is such a sweet post! It looks like you two had a blast and sounds like you do whenever you manage to see each other, how sweet :] I also love the photos!



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