ABH FOR 2017 

I am so excited for 2017 and all I have planned for this blog. This space means the world to me, and this year I really want to be more present, consistent, active, and personal. I know, I probably say that every year, but this time I mean it. I have already sketched out the blog calendar full of posts all the way up until March! 

Brainstorming is something that always keeps me on track, and yet the hardest thing for me to do at times because it takes a lot of new and creative ideas. If there is anything you wish to see please let me know, I'm up to suggestions. With that being said, below is a questionnaire, and I'd love your feedback. Your answers will give me a better guide to follow for the upcoming months. I really appreciate you gals who have left comments, supported me, emailed me with your questions, liked my photos on social media, or just keep following up on my latest posts - it all makes my day like no other!  

Here are a few goals for the blog I really hope to accomplish! 
1. More coffee talk posts
2. Include Lily a lot more
3. Bring back the book club
4. Blog consistently (no excuses)
5. Improve my photography skills 
6. Use my Instagram account on a regular basis 
7. Interact with fellow bloggers + find new one's to read 

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