ANGUARD UNIVERSITY!!! I am so excited to finally announce this news that I've been holding inside me for a while now. It's a college I've never mentioned here on the blog, because it was the last one I applied to, therefore making it the last to get accepted to. Back when I had ruled out most of my choices (read about that here), I realized the only one on my top list was Biola, but it had been four years since my first visit, therefore needed a backup plan in case that didn't follow through. Biola proved to be the wrong fit for me, as I had changed so much and realized it wasn't what I wanted in my college environment. The Lord shut that door, and opened another...Vanguard.

Vanguard is full of such community feel on campus, and that one big family concept that I just feel in love with. The girls I've already meet are so sweet, and kind. So I know I'll make great friends, and feel apart of the University very easily, which is something that I love considering I'll be coming in as a transfer student. It's a smaller college with 2,000 students, and I think that's what makes it all feel so welcoming, and comforting. The campus is beautiful with over two hundred palm trees (my fav), and lots of outdoor seating areas. Our mascot is a lion, and named Sampson, which is just too cute! The dorm rooms are awesome because they offer private bathrooms in each room, and walk in closets (only for upperclassman), all a bonus for Juniors! Ahh, I am just so excited, and thankful I have the opportunity to live on campus and enjoy the environment it has to offer.

I have narrowed down my major, which is English to become an elementary school teacher. I couldn't be more thrilled to spend two whole years absorbing the literature, discussions, and writing an english major offers me. I already have my itinerary transcript for my time there, and one class I'll need is a Shakespeare cool is that? Perhaps in the future, I'll have to create a post on the perks of being an english major!

Another really exciting announcement to share is that I got accepted into THE CHOIR!! It has always been a dream of mine to participate in a college choir, and have the opportunity to learn more about music. I'm so glad because I will be able to move in a week earlier than the rest of campus, because I will be attending the music camp, which is four full days of auditioning, music theory classes, group activities, and bonfire at the beach with everyone to get connected. It's the week that determines which choir I will make, either the co-ed or women's chorus. It honestly doesn't matter to me which one I make, just the reality of being apart of the choir all together makes me jump for joy!

So, as of right now I have five months left at home before moving to Vanguard. I can't wait to begin the process of collecting everything I need for my dorm, especially the decor aspect. I will be posting a lot of updates in the future about my process, and I'm already brainstorming about the type of posts I wish to have during my time there, like an official Vanguard University tour post! I am just so excited to call Vanguard my home come fall 2017!!!

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