ocial media, television, emails, Netflix, and absolutely every single platform that needs internet, I am honestly addicted to...and it's bad! The amount of time I spend on my iPhone is pointless, and I've noticed it's utterly ridiculous. Most of the time I'm just scrolling through the feed I've already glanced at, however feeling the need to check it again! I have been journaling a lot differently this year, and while I was reflecting this past summer, I realized how much I miss reading, and really using my day wisely. How did I get there? By turning my phone off. Yes, it's that simple! I wasn't glued to my phone every minute of the day, therefore producing more creative actions throughout my whole summer.

This past summer, as you may recall I traveled to Hume Lake for a long over due family vacation. It was amazing, and much needed time away. Hume Lake is located by the Sequoia National Forest, which offers beautiful views, lush nature, and no cell service. Hence, the full 7 days of no technology, and no tv shows to binge on. So my digital detox began. And here's a few things I learned, and that were put into perspective for me! (I realize these feelings were based over seven months ago, but still something I'm learning, and wanted to share).

1. iPhone, what's the point? 
With no service or wi-fi I realized, what's the point an a phone anyway? Yes calling and texting is important when communicating with friends, but I never used my phone for anything unless games. Other than candy crush, solitaire, and backgammon, and music I didn't need an expensive iPhone.

2. Able to try new things! 
Without my iPhone in my hand all day, I had to occupy my time with something exciting & that kept my mind off my social media! Now, I was on vacation which separates a normal day at home with chores, and running errands. But, so much of my routine up at Hume, I can make reality everyday such as taking a walk, journal, listening to a podcast, reading, work out, baking, paint your nails, flip through a magazine, going for a dip in the pool, and visiting with a girlfriend. It's amazing how much you can get done without being glued to the tv, and iPhone!

3. Life doesn't wait for you. 
Once I drove down the mountain my phone went crazy with instagram & snapchat notifications, and text messages. The sounds of my alerts, made me so excited to check my phone, and see the new happenings of social media and the hot hashtags to learn about. Within one week my feed kept me scrolling forever. I felt like I missed out on knowing a lot with the news, and my friends life. I learned that social media doesn't wait for you. Life still goes on, even when you push the pause button in your technology life. Therefore, it has reminded me to live life, get out and explore, and not hide behind a computer screen, or instant messaging. While I may be obsessed with scrolling through my feed, other's are out and about making memories, and living life.


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