here's just something about keeping everything organized, or finding a place for it! I love spring cleaning, it's my itch to have everything in order for summer.

Leaving for college in the fall also made this year's organizing a lot more helpful and different. Some of these tips below really helped me in the process of getting rid of junk I no longer need, or creating the space I do need for the time being. My room feels so fresh, and makes me feel so calm now.

1. DESIGNATE CATCH-ALL AREAS: Having places to toss my keys, coins, iPhone, or rings when I get home makes my room a whole less messer. You can use a ceramic bowl for small items, or designate a drawer in your space to hide away some extra clutter.

2. MAKE THE BED: This is the easiest and fastest thing you can accomplish when you wake up! I literally have to make my bed everyday, if I wish to walk around one side of my room, otherwise it's pilled high with pillows!

3. CLEAR OUT EMAIL: Nothing bugs me more than spam email. It's not a physical space to sort through, but it's the little things that make us feel like our lives are actually put together. Just take 10 minutes going through your inbox, and unsubscribe from those companies you're tired of hearing from.

4. GO THROUGH MAGAZINES: I just got done doing this, and it created a lot more empty and free space! As cute as it may be, I don't need to hold onto Anthropologie's magazine that's no longer in season!

5. ORGANIZE CLOSET: This is the hard one! I just went through my shoes, clothes, and school papers. And, I did some laundry which helped too, haha! Just using storage bins, baskets, and even storage dividers helps create more space, and makes the space I have more functional.

6. THROW AWAY OLD MAKEUP: I actually create a post specifically about the issue of having too much makeup, and spending time de-cluttering! Check it out to help your process of throwing away makeup.

7. MAKE YOUR PURSE FUNCTIONAL: A messy, and unorganized purse is a huge pet peeve of mine. I literally get so frustrated while running errands and I cannot find my keys, or even a pack of gum because of all the receipts, gum wrappers, tissues, and crumbled up notes that practically fall out of my bag. So, I changed this problem by throwing away my junk, and by adding some tiny clear see-through bags to organize things more. This way I can pick up a bag, and see exactly what I need.


  1. Such good tips! A catch all area helps me for sure, and it is amazing what a difference having the bed made makes.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. Love these tips! I also immediately make my bed first thing when I finally crawl out of it. ;) Such a good feeling though. I honestly can't think in a room with an unmade bed. Haha!


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