11.28.2017 San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

he Garden Shed is the cutest little center in Cambria. It's full of boutiques, home goods, and garden stores. Cambria is s tiny beach town with about a 2 mile strip of restaurants, shops, coffee, and even community needs such as a church and post office. So for me, the Garden Shed has the most unique shops, and prettiest courtyard. 
This one shop called 'Grow' is full of succulents! It was so gorgeous with the sunlight I had to do a mini shoot. Made me wish I actually had a succulent or plant lady graphic tee to wear for the occasion, haha. So if you are in Cambria enjoying the beach side and feel like hoping into town check out the Garden Shed!! 


  1. So... Cambria sounds amazing! Totally up my alley. And I love the color of your top!! So cute. xo

  2. plants are my jam and this place looks magical!


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