ay! Sunday is here. It's always bitter sweet as Monday then follows haha. But, Sunday's are the days I have zero regret from binging Netflix. Today I am doing just that. I came home for the weekend, so I have plans to enjoy my own room while journaling and watching Gilmore Girls!

I only have 3 weeks left of college, and I'm thrilled. It's gone by so fast. I have a lot coming up this last month such as finals, presentations, and my choir's Christmas production. This semester has been filled with so many changes, and bitter situations, but I'm finally feeling connected on campus!!

Anyways, let's dive into today's post. I've read some great articles this week, I hope you enjoy them too.

Web Love: 
I found this darling online apparel company, and now I want to buy every shirt they're selling. I love graphic tees, and they have so many to chose from! The fonts used for every saying is also my favorite, calligraphy! My favorite tee is the Gilmore Girl one!!

Blog Post:
My friend Veronika from 'Girl and Closet,' posted such a related blog post that I have to share with you all! This was back from October but nonetheless, I had to feature it. First of all, her sense of style is adorable, and always so inspirational in the fall season. Her outfit post styled sneakers with skinny jeans. I loved this because it's so relatable. I find this combination hard to pair, especially at school, as everyone walks around with their heels. Yet, she pulled it off so well. Be sure to give her some love.

YouTube Video: 
Claire Marshall is the cutest. Her style is edgy, just classic. Her latest YouTube video is an outfit of the day, and I love it. Her video is so creative, you'll have to check it out! :)

Instagram Account: 
If your one who loves home decorating then this account will spark some great ideas. I just want to go buy my own home and be married now haha.


  1. LOVE that Instagram account! It looks like trouble for my savings account ;)

  2. All of those tees are adorable! I should rewatch Gilmore Girls...

  3. I hope that you truly enjoyed your Sunday and found some much needed rest! ps what magazine are you reading?!

  4. I always love recommendations!! Checking these out


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