appy Thanksgiving my friends! I have looked forward to this day all month long. This year this holiday has a completely new meaning for myself. Half being that beautiful moment of driving home and being with my family longer than two whole days on the weekend, and the other being some self reflection.

I haven't talked about it here on the blog, but the Lord has been calling out to me this semester like never before. My faith in God was literally crumbling this past year, yet my semester at college has brought me closer to Him.

My semester in the beginning wasn't anything I had dreamed it would be. I had to transfer dorm rooms because of unchristian girls I was put with, and God delivered me out. I have a roommate now that I absolutely love and it's just so evident that this was God's plan. As bumpy as those two months were, I can see His hand in it all.

Without this issue in my living situation my faith would still be weak. It wouldn't have had the opportunity to grow, change, and be renewed. This experience allowed me to cry out to Him and gave me the perfect moment to place my trust back in Him.

This beautiful holiday now just seems to sweet to me. It's a time where I can reflect on all the ways the Lord met my needs this semester. In order to keep going strong, I have to constantly praise Him for my blessings. I've started a gratitude journal for the first time in my life, and I love it!! Waking up and realizing that each day is a new day with his mercy, is so comforting to me.

My family. They've been so supporting during my time being away.

Cassidy, my sweet new roommate.

Vanguard. My classes are stretching me everyday and I love it.

The power of prayer.

My pup Lily, I miss her so much at college.

Old friendships.

Genuine conversations.

Comforts of home.

Ability to travel around California this weekend.


  1. I REALLY miss the intellectual scene of college--it's definitely something to be thankful for. Soak it up for me!

  2. I love this!! College has a way of growing & stretching us in so many ways!! It is so sweet to hear how you are growing!


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