he university life everyone craves is something I can officially understand. I longed for this day to come where I could call a university my home and now that I have there are a few things that don't live up to the hype. College is wonderful and perhaps I'll write a separate post on that, however, people fail to mention the bumps in the road that a given to all universities.

This isn't a list of things I hate about where I'm at and have had to deal with, but things I believe every future college student needs to think about. Being prepared never hurt.

1. It's hard to meet people. 
Coming in with a clean slate it often the attitude everyone clings to believing it will gain a new group of friends - like yours truly! I hate to burst your bubble but, pop. It's not easy connecting with people, given the fact that you have to start completely over. No one yours past, problems, habits, or personality yet. You no longer have memories, inside jokes, or mutual friends anymore. Nothing connects you and others aside from common connections of similar lifestyle choices.

2. The roommates. 
Is it nice to live on campus and be apart of the community? Absolutely. It's what I waited forever to have. Yet, don't be surprised if the roommates you are thrown with don't match your room application form they used to understand who you are. Living with others is a challenge and takes lots of compromising on your part. Just something I knew when I came in yet not the extent on how it would affect me, so something I'd keep in mind if I was you!

3. Traveling abroad is expensive. 
Some universities make it the same price as a normal semester would be no matter the location of your destination. However, with mine this isn't the case. Summer tours are more common, therefore making this a completely separate cost aside from the annual tuition fees. This isn't the end of the world, however I came in with a complete false sense of hope thinking I could be apart of such an opportunity (but we'll see:).

4.  Choir is a huge commitment. 
I think everyone knows this, and I truly understood the schedule, and dedication!! It's just like joining sports. However, don't be fooled to believe tours, concerts, and rehearsals are all there is to be done. Private music lessons, and sectional rehearsals are fit into your weekly schedule come the first week of school. Totally not an issue for myself as I'm soaking in all the learning and practice as I can, yet something I wasn't aware of while planning my schedule.

5. The cafe. 
No matter what anyone tells you about the cafe, you will get tired of it!! Freshman 15 is also a thing to prepare for, however it might not happen through the cafe. But rather eating out all the time, because your over the cafe food, haha.


  1. Meeting people can be super hard; but thankfully a lot of colleges have great programs to meet others with similar interest or just to get that social interaction.
    I fully agree with food from the cafe. - it's so easy to get sick of it!

  2. My college made it the same price to go abroad and I took up that opportunity! Even if yours doesn't saving up for a summer experience could really be worth it!!!

    Also, roommates get better when you get to pick them! The rest of the years after the first one were really fun living with friends!

    And yes on the food! Get creative with what you make and eat in the cafe!

  3. Meeting people is always a hard thing when you go to college. I lucked out and became close to 2 of my college roommates. We did have one roommate who would yell and scream at her term papers in the wee hours of the morning. That was fun!

  4. Does your school partner with other schools' study abroad programs? My college used to own a university and colleges from other parts of the United States would send their students there, too.
    I relate to a lot of these. It took me a while before I found friends I really connected with, or just connecting with my roommate. We were very different, but we made it work. Keep at it girl! Also, yes to the cafe and choir realities! We got so sick of eating the same meals week in and week out - it just wasn't home cooking!


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