San Buenaventura Mission


kay, I promise this is the last of my vacation photos! It was such a relaxing week, and I am desperately wishing I could rewind time and go back. I started my two summer courses for college this week and it's kinda torture (not really, I'm dramatic). So, looking back on these photographs it makes me extra nostalgic to have those deadline free summer days back! 

Anyways, my visit to San Buenaventura Mission was my favorite part of my trip. My dad was so kind and patient to do a little photoshoot for me! Favorite photos ever, probably of this entire year! I found out there are 21 mission in the state of California, and I was very excited to make this one my second. I now want to visit them all, starting with San Juan Capistrano (it's only an hour away from me). I just love how every state has a natural piece of history waiting to be explored, and I think I've found California's! 


  1. So pretty! Definitely go visit's gorgeous and has such interesting history!

  2. How sweet of your dad! I'm sure you both had a fun and relaxing time. Cheers to more traveling!


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