A California Bucket List For Summer


ummer is the perfect time for me to clear my head and be refreshed before the college semester (even though my courses begin in July, uhh). I have to be honest and say that summer isn't my favorite season, as Southern California is pretty much summer all year round, haha, which is probably why I feel that way. Yet, there are a few things that make this time very special and exciting. I always look forward to family vacations, 4th of July, and time to binge on Netflix.

I just got back from a week long vacay with my family up in Santa Barbara, so a few things below have already been done (oops), but I still added it anyways. What's left on your list?


  1. I approve of this bucket list! So relatable...

  2. I love fresh flowers!!! I was just thinking that I want to visit wine country someday...you'll have to post about it when you go!

  3. Oh I need to go through my magazines too! Love this post:)

  4. Number 4 is my favorite among your bucket list...It's posh and I dream of doing that too!


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