Being able to take self-portraits here on the blog is probably my favorite part of blogging. I enjoy seeking out new landscape locations, trying new poses, and even editing my photos! I've been able to experience so many exciting opportunities because of my photography here on the blog! So I thought I'd share some tips on how to capture the best photos for variety, creativity, and uniqueness.

1. Use different angles + point of view 
I'm not a fan of seeing someone stand in the same place using the same pose with slight variations in outfit photos. Granted, I'm guilty of doing that sometimes but It's a good habit to break if you tend to be that person that lacks variety and creative in your photos. Snapping photos at different angles can help bring more variety to your post and be more interesting to the eye! 

2. Use movement
This is one of my favorite tips because it's so much to see the result in the photo afterwards. Smiles and poses get boring so this is great way to switch it up a little bit. Feel free to jump in the air or twirl in your favorite dress. Just find your go-to movement poses and have fun trying new moves.

3. Don't always look directly at the camera 
It's nice to see a photo shoot that has a variety of poses and angles. So don't always look straight at the camera. Look away, look at the ground, or smile the other way. I do this all the time, and it's more fun then just starring into the camera lens. When you look the opposite way from where the camera is, your photos have a little more creative to them.

4. Remember props 
I can not stress enough how much props make a huge different in your photos. It can be anything but the more creative you can be the more amazing your photos can turn out to be. Sunglasses, purse, coffee drink, iPhone, pets, bike, balloons, or food...these are all great ideas for different props depending on your outfit and location of course 

5. focus on the details 
Don't forget to include all your adorable accessories and essentials in your photos. I love taking close of photos of my jewelry or purse to display more of what I'm wearing. It adds more variety in my outfit posts here on my blog, and it makes it more visually entertaining.


  1. Great tips! oh, and you're gorgeous.

  2. Awesome tips, Jenna!! Alex


  3. Thanks for sharing actually I've been trying to do this more.

  4. love these tips. especially the "movement" one! i need more of that in my photos, for sure!



  5. Loving these tips! I was kind of like, "ahh right" as I read them them, but it's funny how it's easy to forget.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  6. These are such great tips - especially since I never know how to pose and I always feel somewhat awkward posing. haha :)


  7. Some good tips. Cute photos! ;)

  8. We REALLY need to go on a shoot together, Jenna!! Especially since I just got my new camera:)


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