Want to become a sponsor? Well good because I finally have everything ready. A while back I posted about sponsors here on the blog, but a lot of you seemed confused and I keep getting so many emails about how to become a sponsor! So I finally created a shop so you can buy some ad space and partner with A Beautiful Heart. Depending on the size of ad space the prices vary, but I tried to keep the prices reasonable and affordable! I have also added two different ways your blog/shop can be featured here on the blog without having to buy ad space. So be sure to check it all out! Very excited about all the little features I've been adding, especially when this has been on my blog to-do list for a long time now!  If you have any questions contact me here;

*Congrats to Brittany Marie who won the $45 gift card to Starfish & the Sea! Alex and I will be contacting you very soon to get everything set up! :)

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