No Sleep Till Brooklyn


 Now that summer is four weeks away, I always run around like a chicken with it's head cut off-ha! School becomes 10 tines more stressful and I get overwhelmed so easily. Finals are my worst nightmare and my junior year has had more subjects than I've ever experienced before. I'm trying to stay focused even though I have to constantly tell myself to breath and relax. With that said, I'm so happy I was able to get a photo shoot done considering my schedule! I think this photo shoot has been my favorite so far. I literally took ten minutes to take the photos I had in mind. I love trying new poses, although for me it can be hard to do because I always have my go-to poses, but I loved changing things up a bit! 

This last weekend my parents came home and It was so nice! Sometimes you don't realize how much you miss someone until your reunited with them again; and that's exactly how I felt. Saturday night my mom and I were able to sit down and have a long deep conversation over coffee. Something I love doing with my mom, but haven't done in a while because of them living in LA for the remainder of my dad's treatment. My mom and I are so tight, and I love being able to open up and talk about anything! It's something that's hard to do over a phone call, so spending time in a little coffee shop was exactly what I have been longing for. I don't know what it is, but if you talk to me in a large group you'll barely get thirty words out of me, but take me to a coffee shop I'll tell you my life story!


  1. i love your hair here!


  2. Love this- your outfit is just too cute and love the poses! Alex

  3. Cool outfit! It's wonderful that you got to see and talk to your mom. Mom's are the best friends! How is your dad doing?

    1. My dad isn't doing very well because his head hurts of the radiation! But we have one week left so we are on countdown! :)

  4. I love your braid twist! :) I love to get to chat with mom ove coffe and tea.
    Have a wonderful dau!

  5. Girl, I am the same way about being in a large group and being pretty quiet. But get me alone with my kindred spirits and I tell all!! haha :)

    Adorable outfit and hair, my dear!! Hope finals go well for you!

    1. Haha! There's something about us bloggers - introverts all the way!! :)

  6. Hi Jenna,

    Loving this outfit!! The tee is perfect!!
    It's always fun trying new poses and switching up.
    I try to do new poses but I always revert back to my
    original thing.

    Good luck with finals! I'm sure you'll do awesome!!

    Happy Weekend!

  7. Lovely outfit! The new poses are stunning as well!


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