I believe it's time I got a little more personal here on the blog, and share with you some random facts about me and my life! Blogging is my daily online journal, life photo snaps, and my corner of inspiration. I've expressed many times before how much I love pouring out my thoughts through the coffee talk posts, so I thought it was time to share not just my opinion on things, but rather about me personally! It's so easy to get caught up photographing beautiful outfits, and beauty shoots, without including how I feel, or what's new in my world. The past few months I've been able to learn more about the bloggers behind my favorite blogs, so I hope your able to do the same with me and my blog. So without further ado...

1. My middle name is Leigh. So I love it when people call me Jenna Leigh, especially by my grandparents.

2. My favorite meal is probably a classic hamburger!

3. I'm gluten free, because of health reasons. I can't lie, it can be a struggle when gluten is placed right in front of me, but I've had to realize that it's better to feel good than to take a bite of something that won't last, and make me feel sick!

4. I graduate high school in 2015 yay! Being a senior has been so much fun and definitely worth the long years of waiting. My friend recently just made me a senior survival kit with everything you need to "survive" your senior year such as essentials and fun items! So far, that has been a huge highlight, and I'm so blessed by her sweet gift!

5. I am the oldest in my family, with only one younger sister who I'm very close with!

6. You probably wouldn't think this at first but I enjoy a very large range of music! Country, Christian, Pop, R&B, and the list goes on.

7. I dream of visiting Paris, sitting in a little coffee shop with a view of the Effie Tower.

8. I'm a born and raised California girl.

9.  I so badly want to go to college, and become a dental hygienist!! Say Whattt, your probably thinking yuck! Ha-ha, amirite?

10. My favorite quote is, "Live in such a way that if anyone should speak badly of you, no one would believe it."

11. I'm not much of a morning person, and I have no idea how I'm able to wake-up for school, but I'd admit half the time I literally have to roll out of bed.

12. My ideal night would be watching a good movie with a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

13. I'm a sucker for all things that shine! I'm kinda in love with glitter.

14. Candles that smell like vanilla or anything sweet, is a huge obsession of mine.

15. I love surprises!

16. Coffee shops are my favorite place to sit and chat with a friend.

17. I hardly ever wear earrings. Studs, yes. But I always seem to forget about dangling ones.

18. Give me a leather jacket and heels and I will feel like I can take on the world.

19. I hate seaweed and I'm scared to death of heights!

20. I love my long hair and swear that I'll never cut it, but every time it reaches the length I like it, I decide to chop it off again! It's safe to say that I change my mind all the time.

21. I'm a sucker for adorable packaging!

22. I believe Anne of Green Gables will always be my favorite movie, & I need to get my hands on the book because I've heard it's of course better than the movie.

23. Creating different looks with my make-up is slowly becoming a hobby. If I could work at Mac, or Bare Minerals I think I'd loved it!

24. I have so many nail polishes that I don't have any more room in my cabinet. I think it would be a good idea to buy a shelf that way I would display them all oh so beautifully!

25. I love taking photos everywhere I go, or when I'm with friends! I guess I could blame that on being a blogger, but I have to admit being able to capture special moments and being able to look back on them over the years is the best!


  1. So nice to know more about you.
    Lovely photos x

  2. OMG we have so much in common!!! I'm deathly scared of heights too, and I LOVE country music!!! I also rarely wear earrings except for on Sundays. haha And I love taking pictures too!!!! And Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite movies too! The Continuing Story is my favorite one!! haha I'm also not a morning person, nights are my favorite cuz I love staying up late!!! And I wanna go to Paris soo bad too! And sit in a tiny local coffee shop drinking coffee and taking pictures. ;)

    Loved this post girly!! ❤❤

  3. Love this, Jenna! Of course, I know these things already ;) And I'm so glad you loved the survival kit- it was so much fun making it for you! <3 Alex

  4. Awesome!! Haha I do the exact same thing with my hair!! I'm forcing myself to grow it out long now for a wedding I have coming up, but I cant guarantee it will stay after that :)
    Leather Jackets = The solution to all the world's problems.

  5. Cheers for being the oldest!! Also cheers for chocolate icecream and movie nights. You legit can do no wrong. Such fun answers Jenna!! I love seeing the unique parts of people:)

  6. I love posts like this because it gives me a better idea of who the writer behind the blog is! It's nice learning more about you! :) ohh and I too love candles with any sort of sweet scent! Bath & Body Works has some really sweet scented candles for the fall that I'm just obsessed with <3 haha.

  7. I love posts like these: they're easy to read and you learn a lot about the author! Leigh is such a beautiful name! I looove scented candles! And I have so much nail polish as well! I think my collection takes up like two boxes!

    xoxox I love your blog! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know here ! <3

  8. great look!

  9. what a fun post!



  10. Same here - I always forget about the dangling earrings-
    Great post!

    Have a fantastic day,


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