Life Lately + Fall Bucket List


So fall is here, and the past few days in Cali it's actually felt like it too! Granited our trees haven't shown off their gorgeous bright colors like Washington, or Colorado, but at least the 70 degree weather is a change! Scarfs still aren't an option, so sad but I'm hoping it'll come by Thanksgiving!! Below is my fall bucket list, which I'm really hoping to complete with my besties these next few months! Be sure to leave a comment below telling me where you'd like to go this fall, or any special plans you'd like to put together!

Loving: Okay can we please just talk about fall drinks? So I've recently tried the pumpkin spice latte, and I actually didn't like it (big shocker, I know). I've been wanting to taste it for a while now, because it seems to be the big talk this fall, but it was so rich and pumpkin-y! Bummed, but I found something better...a chai iced latte! If you like chai tea, then this latte should be right up your alley. Just loving holiday drinks, aren't you?

Waiting For: Thanksgiving break, because a break from school is what I'm needing right now! My classes have been super difficult this year, so I'm having to put out so much energy. Also, Thanksgiving with my family is always so special.

Dreaming Of: Apple picking! Above is a photo I made with some of my goals I'd love to complete this fall, and of course apple picking has to be one of them! Every fall we try to make it up the mountain to our favorite little spot, Riley's Farm! I've posted about it a few times before on this blog, but this time I'd love to try a few new things!


1 // Head over to my current new favorite board on Pinterest!
2 // Maiedae's coffee talk weekly post all about their favorite books...makes me want to go pick them all up!!
3 // LOVE this video! Just great for the fall time and how to stay cozy in your room.


  1. Lovely post!

  2. I love chai lattes! You should try a dirty chai latte! The best! :)
    love your bucket list!


  3. One of the best things about leaving California is that you can wear scarves more often.


  4. Lovely blog! I am a new subscriber of yours.

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