Mascara has always been tricky for me, because I feel like there are a thousand different brands to chose from, and every single one has something different about them. Whether it's the size of the brush, price, color, extends your lashes, or makes them fuller everyone offers something that another brand won't! When I was first introduced to makeup at the age of 13, I only wore eyeliner and mascara and during my Jr. High years I barely even wore mascara because I felt like you couldn't tell I was wearing it anyways. But over the years as I've felt more comfortable playing around with more makeup looks and applying it, I have realized how important mascara can be. No matter how black, long, or full your eyelashes are I think mascara can still complete the look to any eye.

With that being said, it's so difficult finding a brand that suits you and your eyelashes. Today I am going to share with you three of my top favorite mascara's and each one if from a different brand, and (bonus) each mascara specializes in how they work for different eyelashes!

Rimmel London Extra Super Lash is my favorite drug store mascara because I works great when your on the go, or in a hurry! This isn't the best for making your lashes look long, but they definitely make them look dark and black! That is extremely important to me when trying new mascara's because my eyelashes are already so dark, that like I said before sometimes you can't tell I wear any, therefore the Rimmel London does a great job with that! I also love that I can apply two coats to each eye without feeling like I need to save it and make it last because of how cheap it is!

MAC is probably the best brand you could ever buy! Every single one of their mascara's are incredible, and last for a long time. This mascara is amazing because it doesn't flake, or dry up, rather it lasts all day and when it's allergy season and your eyes are watering you won't have to worry about your mascara smearing!

Clique lash doubling mascara is definitely my all time favorite! This mascara is the only one that actually makes my lashes look long and full compared to the others I've tried! I also love using their lash building primer mascara because that just really makes my eyelashes look bold and long! The brush is super nice and long, and not too big and fluffy!


  1. I love wearing mascara! I can't remember what kind I use. I'd like to get some blue sometime.

  2. Need to try the Rimmel one - I'm always on the hunt for the best mascara!


  3. Love the suggestions and photo styling! My current fave mascara is Benefit's They're Real :) Alex


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