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Lately, I've been thinking a lot about change. Specifically how a person changes along with life changing moments. Change has never been easy for me, in fact I hate it. I enjoy routine and structure, and having roots. As I am a senior in high school and almost off to college, the thought of change has crept into my mind more than I'd like. The idea of my life completely changing scares me. The new beginnings with my location campus, teachers, friends all moving in different directions, driving, working, and the fact that I'm no longer a teenager anymore, but rather more like an adult. Not only is my life going to change but I know I will in the process.

I think we as humans become upset at change because we become so stuck in our old way of doing things. We wish certain friends wouldn't grow apart, or our favorite bands didn't switch up their direction with their music. When we've been following a blog for a few years and enjoy their content the last thing we want is for them to create a whole new vibe and feel to their blog. Therefore we see that in people also, we don't want them to change because we love who they already are. But I'm constantly having to remind myself that growth isn't all bad as it sometimes can be played out to be.

So as my life continues to change, shape, and mold me and my character I pray it only changes for the better. I want to grow and push myself out of my comfort zone. With that being said, I want to embrace change and growth because through it is learning for the better. I know that just through high school I've changed in more ways than one. I'm not the same girl I was two years ago when I started this blog. I have more skills, and dreams, and experience now than I ever did before. I have to admit my blog will always change in some way, shape, or form because the girl creating the content will continue to change.

I love where I am now, but I can't stay here forever. Forward motion has to be made, and I'm excited to experience new opportunities. Change will always be in my way, but I'm trying to not let that fact control my emotions. I will miss high school and the easier way of my life. The freedom that comes with less responsibilities, but there is a season for everything. Fighting against change will only make things worse, therefore embracing it is the only option I have left. "Don't be afraid of change, you may loose something good, but you may gain something better."


  1. Change definitely is a difficult thing to deal with for everyone. Thanks for writing this post. It's really so relatable, and I'd love to see your blog change as you change as a person. Good luck with your senior year, and realise that the change isn't here just yet. You still have this year.

    The Life of Little Me

  2. I can't tell you how much I loved this. My life has always been one of rapid and constant change. Let's just say I've moved 5 time.... I'm not the biggest fan of change. I talk about this all the time with my mom, how we just want things to stay the same and never have to change. However, then we think of all the times in our life that changed, and what we gained was far better than what we lost. I think that God created change as a beautiful thing, we just often fail to see it that way, because we too often forget that He is the one that controls it. We have no control over change ,and that's what scares us. What could be controlled by God and not be beautiful? Just think about fall. This season is the most symbolic of change, but also known as the most beautiful season. It's God's proof that when He is directing change, it's bound to be beautiful.
    I too have so much to learn about change. My life is actually about to change pretty significantly right now, and I'll admit, I'm a bit skeptical, so that's why this post touched my heart. It really touched on something that means a lot to me. I'm continually reminding myself that God has amazing things in store for me. I simply have to trust and go where He guides, because if I follow Him, He will lead me to places I never knew existed.

    Oh, and my favorite quote on change is "If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies."

    Molly Marie


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