As you can probably tell things have been slowing down here on the blog, & my content has been lacking. I needed a "blogger vacation" if you will, to sort through my thoughts and future ideas for this blog. I love blogging with such a passion, and cannot imagine my life without it. It has blessed me in more ways than one, and I've been able to connect with amazing girls and get to know them on a total different level! The blogging community has always treated me kindly with open arms, and I love that about the blogging atmosphere. I've grown as a writer, and photographer. The most important thing about this blog is the way that I've been able to reach out to girls and help them through trials, or witness to them about the Lord. In fact that was the whole reason I created this blog: to reach out to girls and provide a little corner of the internet world, where they could feel empowered, encouraged, and inspired in their life goals/dreams, and also with their walk with the Lord.

It's taken me a long time to commit to the changes I've felt like I need for this blog, but I've decided that a new fresh route would do me and this blog some good. A few changes will be that I want my blog to be more posts that are centered around coffee talk posts, bible studies, and my everyday life. I love that blogging is an online journal of someone's life through photos, and I've seen myself grow more and more further away from this concept. I don't want to lose what my original purpose was for this blog. I'm tired of keeping up with the new hip stuff that bloggers are participating in, or fighting for the spotlight interviews from big companies or Modcloth, or worried that if I don't have more than a thousand followers my blog isn't important. For me blogging isn't about posting five times a week with different outfits, and baking all day to display some fun recipes. Blogging is about sharing my life through photos and writing about my life changes and personal obstacles through trials, or exciting adventures that come my way. I want to inspire my readers through things I've learned and felt.

When someone views my blog I want them to be able to fully know the girl behind the site for my passions, desired, beliefs, and dreams. Not for my fashion taste, or favorite beauty picks, or how I feel about the weather. I'm so over talking about things that don't matter, or things that will only last for a few days. Instead I want to create content that can be memorable, and meaningful. Of course a few fashion posts will appear on this blog from time to time, or a delicious recipe during the holiday's, or a latest video update from my YouTube channel. But for the most part, I want to be more of a lifestyle blogger, not necessary a fashion blogger. So here's to a fresh start!!


  1. Love your new ideas!!! Excited for future posts!! :)

  2. Such a great post, with nice ideas. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  3. What a lovely & inspiring post. Go for it, always, I say!! It's so important to write about your passions and love your space!! <3 Your ideas sound absolutely wonderful and I'll be excitedly reading along!! xo V

  4. That's awesome Jenna:) I do find all of your posts to be inspiring! It is so encouraging to see other girls that love The Lord and serving Him as much as I do:) love you! Keep it up!!


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