At the moment my mind is like a blank canvas. I don't have much going on in my life besides an overflowing amount of homework, tiring days at work, and late nights with friends. I have nothing profound to say because lately I haven't had any time to think about profound topics. Believe me I wish I had something to say of some importance, for talking about the weather or school is so tiring to hear about. I suppose it's just writers block. But I hate it when people around us or even in the blogging community is always expecting us to have interesting lives, and saying profound things about life and heavy topics. I hate to burst your bubble, but bloggers don't have any more of an interesting life than you do! Just a little reminder as you are constantly seeing creative and productive photos through your social media feed! I admit this small reminder is something that I plan on discussing a bit more in detail in a future post, but for now my thoughts are all over the place and I cannot bring up anymore, therefore I leave you with this outfit post!

So remember my last three outfit posts (including this one)? Well I was able to make an entire video of 4 hair styles and outfits for the fall season, on my YouTube channel!! This is my very first seasonal video, so be sure to check it out! Subscribe and give it a big thumbs up! Any ideas you'd like to see for a winter video? Because I'm working on one right now, and I could use your inputs!


  1. Such a beautiful outfit! Alex

  2. Love the video... and couldn't agree more, adding a scarf always gives that extra pop of something fun & pulled together! You look lovely!! xo


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