Whenever I get asked "Where are you from?" I always smile, and proudly say Southern California! It's where I've been born and raised, and it's where my entire family resides. I truly love California. Traveling is my favorite thing in the whole world, and I always have an itch for visiting a new destination. Learning about different cultures, trying new food, and visiting those tourist spots, are all the reasons why I always count down the days til my next trip! Yet, what's funny is that once I arrive home from my travels, I am so thankful for Cali. Yes, Hawaii was amazing and I miss Napali Bay Beach, but California will forever be my home. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.


1.  In N Out is life. It's the most famous burger joint, and if you've ever had a protein style double double hamburger, with their animal french fries than you'll know what I'm talking about! When my friends come home from out of state, it's the first place we go!

2. The Ocean. Our beaches are simply incredible all the way up the coast. From the one's I've visited my top five favorite are; Point Mugu (PCH Highway), Cambria, Sunset Cliffs, Laguna Beach, & Coronado Beach.

3. You can wear white all year round. Yes, our weather here in So-Cal makes all you other 49 states jealous! Haha. No matter the season, I can run my errands in flip flops, or take a run on the beach. Deep red leaves will never appear, nor will a white Christmas, and I kinda wish we experienced those beautiful seasons. But, I'll take the sunshine and my flip flops any day over shoveling snow off my driveway, or an umbrella while I'm out.

4. Love for Disneyland. Your never too old for Disney! I've been so many times, and love it to death. So thankful my childhood involved Mickey ears, It's A Small World, and the disney parade.

5. To always use "the" before the word freeway. Yep, it's very Californian to say the 91 freeway or the 15 freeway. Our friends from Texas always laugh at us whenever they come to visit.

6. Always leave 40 minutes before arriving to your destination. Traffic is the way of life here in Cali. It's something I've always grown up having to deal, with, and therefore it's just apart of my everyday routine. So always expect traffic if your visiting this beautiful state.

7. For the love of palm trees. As I'm sure you've seen, the iconic palm trees spread out all over Palm Springs, it's just glorious! What would Cali be without them? (not as cool).

8. All types of food. Here, we have the best of all food - Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and American (give me the burgers).

9. Mountains. I love that within one hour I can visit Oceanside Beach or Big Bear! The mountains are absolutely beautiful here, and so are the lakes!

10. SeaWorld! Any type of animal park with dolphins is so awesome. SeaWorld is just such a great place to visit if your a tourist, or love water animals.


  1. Oh well, and we had snow here the other day! :-)
    But, if you really love sea animals, please never to to a SeaWorld or any other type of marine zoo. The animals there suffer, and your money would be better spent for an organization that preserves the natural ocean!


  2. Mountains, beaches, Disneyland. California has it all! Would love to visit soon!

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

  3. I was just in Southern California last week, and I'm definitely wishing I lived there right about now! I miss being able to wear sundresses and sandals all day and every day!

    1. Yes, however if your here long enough, you'll be wishing you could wear hunter boots, and cute coats for the winter season haha. But dresses year round definitely has its perks.

  4. Oooh, the flip flops any time you want is sounding sooo good right now. We're having the longest rain spell and it's getting cold. Maybe it's time to move! ;) And us too, love all our mountains and we have the best variety of food. So fun, right?! Hope you're having a super week, love! xo


    1. Awh, V I would love to be where you are though! Your photography always makes it look beautiful. Hope your week is awesome too!


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