andles are one of my favorite ways to make my room feel cozy and to get in the spirit of a new season! My favorite holiday may be Christmas, but autumn will always be my favorite season of the year - hence my top fall candles! No joke, I literally have five candles in my bedroom (mostly decor) so I really need to start burning them, or other wise they will last forever. Plus I can't buy more if I don't have room for new ones, lol! Okay, here are my three faves for this year. 

                                                  ANGEL FOOD CAKE 

This choice could be used more for the spring season, but nevertheless I'm loving it at the moment. It's from Anthrolopologie (do I need to say more) which indicates it's practically gold. It looks beautiful on the shelf, and every candle from that store smells like heaven. It's obviously a very sweet and rich scent, but those are my favorite kinds!


Of course, a pumpkin candle would be included in the list because it's classic. I love this candle I picked up in a local shop here in my hometown, because it's pure pumpkin. It doesn't have any spice, or apple which is hard to find. Again, it's sweet and has a hint of vanilla when I burn it! Absolutely love this one.

                                                CINNAMON SUGAR

Okay, I'm kinda cheating here, because I believe I shared this one last year (oops), but that just tells you how much I love it! Plus, it has lasted two seasons now - score. I love this scent, because to me it instantly takes me to Thanksgiving with the perfect blend of spices. This candle is so huge, I wonder if I'll ever burn it all. You don't have to spend a fortune at Yankee Candle (like me) and instead can find this at your local HomeGoods, or T.J. Maxx which is very affordable!

Angel Food Cake: Anthropologie 
Pumpkin: Bath & Body Works (similar) 
Cinnamon Sugar: Yankee Candle (similar) 

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