nfortuntely California doesn't show off it's red leafs until late November (if we are lucky) so this "autumn" photo shoot, is as good as it get's around here! I absolutely love this shoot, because I brought out my floppy hat I purchased last year, and was brave enough to wear it out in public for the first time ever (ahh)! Hopefully I can pull it off? I really love the look, but Cali is a little too warm outside for this to actually be cute! It was like 85+ degrees outside during this shoot, and at the end I had "floppy hat hair," which isn't ideal! But, hey these photos are fun right? 

Life has been a little crazy for me lately. With finals approaching, I've been loaded with homework assignments! So right now, I'm trying not to freak out, and be too stressed. But, 5 weeks left, and goodbye fall semester! I'm so excited to end my classes this semester, and hopefully do all my classes online next semester. Sitting in on real classes through out the week are driving me insane. With the time it takes me to drive, be early to grab a seat, or the time spent in class (falling asleep) takes up so much time out of day. Not to mention the multiple times my professors have called in sick, and I've still shown up to class not knowing! So, online classes are the way to go, and hopefully they won't all be full by the time I register for the spring haha! 

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