his year I have so much to be thankful for. During the month of November I always like to challenge myself to create an on-going list, naming everything I am grateful for, big or small. This year I wrote it all on my chalkboard sign I found in the dollar section at Target, and went crazy with my "calligraphy" writing. I know Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, but I encourage you to also make a list, and keep it not just for the season, but to reflect on all year round. It's been a great reminder for myself personally, to hold onto for the new year coming ahead. Beginning 2017 I want to remember all that I accomplished, faced, and was blessed with, and I think through a gratitude list is the perfect way to do just that. Happy Thanksgiving!


1. Healthy body that allows me to exercise.
2. Old friendships that are still growing to this day.
3. Christian professors at my secular community college.
4. My mom who has helped me get to where I need to go in life especially this year.
5. Family traditions.
6. A vehicle that I love driving, and that has kept me safe.
7. Exploring new coffee shops.
8. California sunshine that lifts my spirits.
9. Being able to meet my Aunt and Cousin for the first time this year.
10. Learning how to Bible Journal these past few months.
11. My faith.
12. Holiday drinks, all things peppermint even in November haha.
13. Cold nights in my warm bed, watching Netflix.
14. Fairy lights in my bedroom.
15. Thanksgiving food. Sweet potatoes with marshmallows here I come.
16. My blog. The creativity I've been able to produce is astounding.
17. My pup, Lily. She always makes me smile.
18. Coffee table books.
19. Lunch dates with my sister.
20. My black leggings.
21. Netflix when I'm bored. (it's the little things).
22. Beautiful blogs to read here in the community.
23. My dad and his character.
24. Nature walks.
25. Gilmore Girls!

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