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re you a thinker, dreamer, or doer? From time to time, I ask myself this question to keep myself on the right track. Am I going anywhere? Am I doing what I love? Am I living out my passions and dreams? I consider myself all three; I begin as a dreamer, turn into a thinker, and follow through as a doer. I've always been a lover of goals, new year's resolutions, and life dreams. I'm the type of girl who has always known what she wants, and has gotten it, even as four years old. Ambition has always fueled my emotions and desires. So, it's easy to conclude I love daydreaming, to produce future goals to conquer. Yet, life isn't suppose to be spent daydreaming, so where's the balance?

One of the biggest questions I ask is; is my dreams realistic and achievable? Being realistic is so important. However, I find that this mentality only inhibits my growth for success of crossing off my bucket list goals. I hate being told "you can't do that" or "it's going to be really hard" or "good luck." Some dreams are big, but those are the best kinds. They create the most transformation, and accomplishment. Don't put yourself in a box, and tell yourself that you won't be able to tackle any type of dream! Prove them wrong, and push toward your goals.

1. Travel to Paris, France
2. Graduate a University with my BA degree
3. Say "I Do"
4. Swim under a waterfall
5. Ride in a limo

Throughout high school and up to this point of my life, I've been able to experience amazing opportunities. I've traveled to Virginia, Maui, Oahu, and Portland. Graduated high school with straight A's, bought my first car, and experienced the (many) minimum wage jobs. All of which I'm very proud of accomplishing, and so grateful to have experienced thanks to many people in my life. I will be reaching my 20's here pretty soon (March 2017), and there are many ways I have, and need to do more than just dream about something. At 19, how can I travel to Paris, France? When will have the chance to ride in a limo? Well, I'm not sure, but that doesn't mean I can toss away my dreams just because I don't know when something amazing can happen! These dreams may take years to become true, but gives me no reason to say goodbye to them. I love the saying, "You are what you do, not what you say."

Having dreams keep me alive, and full of inspiration. One way I try to seek after my dreams is to take any opportunity that comes my way. It can be traveling to visit a friend, attend college, work at camps during the summer, or simply learn a new hobby. Second, make small steps to your goal such as save money for your travels, or begin the application. Lastly, be patient. I know my dreams won't happen over night, and there are some that won't ever happen. But don't give up hope! I So own your dreams, and fight for them!

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  1. Thanks for this uplifting text, it's almost a pep talk to follow your dreams!



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